Sasha Daygame in kiev & oslo reports

Kiev and Olso reports

What’s up!

Here’s my breakdown for any of you scoundrels that are planning on travelling around:

Kiev: Lots of gold diggers, but some fairly hot women around. Avoid clubs all-together. I find it strange that, apparently, Ukrainian women have this reputation of being so hot…. But they’re not. They’re just pretty hot. Great bodies. But a lot of “pretty” faces. And if you go to clubs – they want Money, and they are pretty straight up about it.

Daygame is your best bet. Then again, maybe there are some great spots we didn’t find? Just my 2 cents.

Shit, Even the hookers are prices there. Apparently :P

Oslo: Ever spend $30 on a shitty sandwich, or $8 on a small bottle of water? Yea, me neither. Because I’m a stubborn jew. However, that’s what shit costs over there.

As per the women: We saw a few cute girls around, but not very many. But, they were very friendly. I’d say avoid Oslo at all costs in the winter – but *maybe* it’s worth checking out in the summer – if you’re fucking RICH. I mean – really rich. It’s an outrage. You’ll spend at LEAST 100 euro’s a day there, even if you’re trying not to spend anything. Closer to 200 really, and that’s without hotels.

Just got to Amsterdam, more on that later :)



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