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Just be honest with women!

You know what’s funny: All of game can be eliminated entirely, and you can have plenty of success too… And all you have to do is be completely honest. With yourself. Honest With women. Completely honest. If you’re talking to a woman and you only just want to fuck her, tell her that. If you think she’s cool and you’d like to get to know her – tell her that! Nothing can ever go wrong if you just tell people what you want. They’ll either reciprocate or they won’t. The whole seduction industry is based around not being honest. Hiding your intentions so maybe increase your chances of getting laid. What the fuck? Even if in some cases it DID increase your chances of getting laid – why do it anyways? You’re going to lie just to have a slightly better shot at getting pussy? So even if you get the pussy: a) You’re a liar and b) You’re going to lose the pussy anyways when she finds out you’re a liar.

What’s the point? The irony is, you’ll get way more action just being up front anyways, and it will save you tons of frustration. When will they see? I just keep having these kind of thoughts, compulsively, because I’m watching this footage. I really want to get the Direct Dating Summit out to the world. I think it’s gonna fuck some shit up!


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