The Julien Blanc Controversy

So like EVERYONE is flipping out about the horrific PR this guy’s been getting.

The media didn’t flip out this much when Obama assassinated 2 american citizens without any trial Yeah, it’s legal now!


Next they’ll call him a “Sexual Terrorist” and put on the Terror watch list. Wouldn’t even surprise me at this point.

But, keep drinking your fluorinated water. Keep eating your GMO food. Keep paying your taxes which are being used to slaughter innocent people and fund the military industrial complex. That’s all fine.


That being said, I think this guy need to calm down with the ego stuff, on his journey to sexual liberation. As men, I really feel we all need to focus more on improving ourselves and genuinely connecting with women… and on keeping our ego’s in CHECK – more so than pushing emotional triggers to get girls horny/into us. It’s another form of manipulation. However, being playfully “aggressive” is fine. Nobody should be crucified for that.

Bangin’ lots of “bitches” Doesn’t make you a man – and this kind of attitude is just a massive overcompensation for deeper issues in most cases. There’s nothing wrong with leading sexually, or being dominant. But, there are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed. Has Julien Blanc crossed some of those lines? I’ll leave that up to you….

But this whole fiasco has motivated me to make another rant.  So I thought “Fuck it, make a video!”

In summation for the lazy folks: My point is that the type of attitude some guys get towards women (And this includes some of the more aggressive “tactics” used by some just wouldn’t be necessary if people found their worth in who they are as human beings – and stopped rating themselves by how many women they can “Bang.”

And let’s not crucify this guy – he’s just another victim of the overboard PUA syndrome – and a fucked up, state controlled media. I’d say this situation is just as indicative of a fucked up system as much as anything else.

Peace and love!


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