Sasha Daygame in PUA wars

James Marshall vs Sasha Daygame – PUA wars!!

Alright, so…. once in a while I make videos that are just plain HILAAAARIOUS!!!

This, is one of those videos.

For those of you that don’t know, me and James Marshall spent a bunch of time together this last summer. I helped him on his Eurotour 10 day bootcamp (which was completely on another level…)

Over this time he actually helped me a whole bunch with an element of my game that was lacking. He made me realize that less is more. He taught me how to put pressure on girls and make them crack under that pressure, and talk more. Whoever is talking, it doing the work. This makes girls invest and makes a BIG difference in every interaction. The more they invest the less likely they are to flake!

Anyways – James and I have almost diamatrically opposing styles. I’m high energy/fun and he’s low energy/serious. So, we thought “How funny would it be if we switches characters for a day?”

Yea that’s right. We didn’t just swap attitudes, we swapped clothes too…. check THS out….


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