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It’s all over!

Aug 31st

Festival is over!

Could have pumped this little hottie on satuday, but I didn’t. Essentially it came down to either going on a ghost tour, or having sex. I chose the ghost tour! Haha…. I’ll explain. I met this girl whilst flyering. Flirted with her and she seemed up for it. I made a joke about having a fling and she went along with it. I gave her my card, and she texts me! It’s on.

I could only meet late, so we met up that night, at midnight.

I’d been wanted to do the ghost tour, and this was my last chance.  I asked her if she wanted to go. She was neutral. We went, it was ok. After, we sat and played the questions game. Within 40 mins we’d agreed to fuck. Awesome. But, I had students at my house, I was a bad cold, and had to be up early. She said she was tired too. I could have taken her, but It felt SO solid I said “cool let’s meet up tomorrow!”

You all know how it goes after this, no point in explaining it. For the new readers: Once a girl puts the pussy on a platter for you – if you don’t take it – you’re done. It’s one of my golden rules. Guess Golden rules are meant to be followed! Sigh.

No matter, there’s much more to come.

What’s strange is, for the last month girls just weren’t the priority. I was too busy being a comedian, and a PU teacher to put the time in. And believe me – going after girls takes time.  Lots of time.

It’s a huge amount of energy. It’s like, the energy I used being sad about not getting girls pre game is now – still used – on girls. except (generally) I’m getting more action now. But in some ways it’s probably more of a pain in the ass.

Anyways – It was kind of cool actually…… just seeing how much attention I get from girls just living me life doing comedy and being social. I met a looooooot of cute girls.  It was almost weird being so busy I didn’t have time for ‘em.   I’ve thought to myself “wow, I don’t have time for women. How strange”

Maybe in a way it’s disturbing how much energy women have been taking up.  Women really have become the centre of my life… I noticed this simply because – this past month, that wasn’t the case. Doing comedy every night has really put me in touch with the fact that I’ll always be a comic first, and a pua/dating coach/whatever second.

When people ask me “What do you do” I’ll always say “comedian”

I’m actually at a strange point right now. I love comedy, and I love pickup. I love doing comedy, and I love teaching pickup.  Can I do both? What do I focus on? Who am I? Am Am I really a PUA ? What is that exactly? Or a dating coach? What’s the difference? Both help guys get girls. That’s what I do, I help guys have more success with women. So… what does that make me? Or am I just a comedian with a hobby?

I’m reading this book now called radical honestly… It reminded me of the fact that, all that shit is just labels anyways. We’re all trying to “be” something – some term that defines us. But what difference does it makes what you call me? I’m me. I do what I do.  I’m an individual. You can all me a comic, a PUA, a slag, a hairy bastard, or a purple dragon. It changes nothing. I’m still just me.

I’m Definitely a cross roads. Some people think I should kill the whole Sasha character and go mainstream….. some people thing I should stop all this malarkey and focus on being a comedian.  Maybe I can do both… things are getting interesting, that’s for sure.

Anywho: Back to London now…. Write more soon…


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