Sasha Daygame in Israel pua bootcamp

Israel PUA bootcamp = madness!!

People undoubtedly will ask me “what did you think of Israel?”

I’d say “mixed feelings” definitely.

First: THE GOOD:

The dudes at my first event came in droves. HUGE audience – and fairly fanatical. Never had some many dudes try and get their picture with me. I mean, WTF? Lots of good guys in the group though so that was cool. Students on the bootcamp were great guys, and they really did well. ALso, they were lovely. The friends I made there, also – were fantastic. Some GREAT GUYS (Arthur + Adi are BOSSES!) and will be friends forever.



The FOOD: AMAZING!!! I ate, seriously – 20 KG’s of hummous in 5 days. And, you CAN’T eat Hummous without bread. I must have gained back 2 pounds in 5 days. (I’d lost quite a bit over the summer / low carb+yoga!)


I had some jew ceremony go down, that involved me reading some words, wearing a funny box or two on my head, and a rabbi blowing a horn. Apparently, that counts as a Bar-mits-va.  He was quite surprised that was my first one. Go figure. On a serious note, I felt some energy transfer from him to me in a good way. So something went down.



When it comes to the government/the system – WOW. That place is fucked up. Here’s an excerpt I wrote while I was on the plane

“I’m about to take off on a flight from Israel to zurich – and I CANT FUCKING WAIT FOR IT TO TAKE OFF. I actually turned to Marcus and said “Dude I’m looking FORWARD to being in Switserland!!!”

WOW. I never thought I’d say that. EVER.

If you know my feelings about Switserland, it was officially my LEAST favorite country. Until now.

I just passed through Swiss security, and I kissed the woman’s hand, not because she was AMAZING – just that in comparison to what I’d just been through with Israeli security – she was a godsend.

Passport control coming into Switzerland….. I felt …. An overwhelming, wonderful feeling. And it was FREEDOM!!!! Only after going to Israel, do I understand what it is to be free. Words can’t describe it. If you’re born in a western, modern, English speaking country you are SO FUCKING FREE! I mean sure, we’re all brainwashed/controlled to a degree – but at the essence of it you are FREE to do whatever the fuck you want

No exsessive questions
No security check points
No indimidation
No rudeness
No having ALL YOUR BELONGINGS thoroughly searched / torn apart
No having your friends NOT get into the country for NO REASON other than excessive security checks
(Marcus didn’t get in on his first attempt, they decided they want to TAKE APART HIS COMPUTER FOR “SECURITY”
No personal questions as you’re LEAVING the country / who you know / why you have two phones (YES REALLY!)

WOW WE ARE SO FUCKING LUCKY and we don’t even know it!!! I would recommend anyone out there who needs a reality check to get themselves a ticket to Israel right now. Coming out of there, you will appreciate just what you have.

Ironic that a nation that abhors right wing totalitarian regimes so much would run their entire operation just like one. Hitler would have been proud.”

So there you go. NOT IMPRESSED by the SYSTEM!!!!

But, I suppose this is a blog about PU, and self-improvement and stuff so back to that.

The women overall: Ok.
The women in clubs = BRUTAL.

Totally brutal. The only girl I even got into a conversation with (out of 12+ approaches) was a french girl.

Daygame: Almost got laid w belarussian/Israeli girl but it went kinda bad after I bit her (I’ll put seperate entry up) :P

Tel Aviv: NOT GOOD


Still had fun. Good people overall, except the clubgirls +Hate the fucking government.

More pics:



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  • Nate says:

    Oh, I got 8-10s all over the place. They shit test you more – but remember, when it comes down to it, they ARE Jewish girls after all!!!

  • Nate says:

    Sasha – without a strong Israel you might be dead today. Those right wing openly anti-Semitic political parties of Eastern Europe don’t get too out of hand because they know that every 18 year old entering the military swears 2 oaths instead of one like everywhere else. They swear to protect and defend the State of Israel AND EVERY JEW IN THE WORLD. The Holocaust CAN happen again. So if they do not let politically correct crap get in the way of security, then great. I’m all for it. My luggage didn’t get screened at all because the beautiful security girl looked me in the eye and I answered every question. The fact that I’m Jewish and speak a little Hebrew and can’t wait to go back must have helped. The extremely low rate of terrorist attacks is proof. They’re standing on the wall holding back the bloodthirsty barbarians FOR US, for the rest of the free world. Yet, it’s a democracy – messy with everyone talking at once, but it’s a real democracy – for all – men, women, gay, straight, Jew, Arab. Can’t say that about any other country in the region. So, GIVE THEM A BREAK! Your visceral reaction may mean that something about the place spoke to you. They’re your people.

  • David says:

    Sasha you are my inspiration, I am from Israel but if YOU find the girls brutal then what the fuck am I supposed to do? Give up?

  • Ben says:

    hi sasha, you wrote a few interesting stuff over there about israel. can you please tell more what do you think about the israeli womens, you told that they were brutal in the clubs. can you please go more into details? like how are they comparing to other countries..
    the oppression you felt that is going on is also an interesting issue.
    thanks, ben

  • Landlord says:

    adding to the above…what I did notice is that they are very resistant to the strong sexual come-on, even delivered in a casual, comical way.

    Which is a distinct part of your game.


  • Landlord says:


    1. You’re my hero. (And you’re even ALMOST as cool as James Marshall.)

    2. No hot women in Israel? Are you fucking insane? I am speechless…actually I think you’re just saying that to keep more for yourself…this place is Jewboy heaven. I see 8-10’s every 50 meters!!!
    And I have photos to prove it.

    3. I just started going direct for the first time ever here. On the beach. Thinking about you. And it was awesome. Besides that, I get at least 2-3 numbers a day from restaurants, cafes and clubs. This is the easiest place I have ever been to number close. I dont understand your comments at all. I am no fucking Sasha Daygame, and I think a blond squirrel could collect the fort knox of nuts here.

    4. Really hard to get them in bed though. And they are super flaky. Without warning. Still working that out.

    • Admin says:

      I saw pretty much no hot girls when I was there. Sorry buddy! Yeah post the pics if you got’em! :)

  • Landlord says:

    so confused!
    First of all Sasha you’re my hero (and you are almost as cool as James Marshall even.)

    Second— no hot girls in tel aviv? Are you MAD?!!!!!! I have never seen such a high density of incredibly hot girls in all my life, new York city, la, and hong kong included!!!!

    Third– I am no Sasha daygame but If I got any more numbers and dates here I’d be running a lottery. Clubs, beach direct, online…. This is jew boy pua candy land!!!

    And I’m talking Bona Fide certified 9’s and 10’s. Pm me and I’ll give you photos!

    But as for closing— hard. Struggling. Getting seriously unexplained flake outs. Frustrating as hell. The only f close in three weeks was with a Brazilian 8. I know— waa waaa I’m only fucking Brazilian 8’s. Poor pity me.

    Please– anyone know how to close Israeli girls please tell me. Opening is a piece of cake.


  • regbs says:

    Why did you used to hate Switzerland? If I had to guess, it would be because the Swiss are unfriendly and seem to have no concern about reciprocating courtesy even when you go out on a limb to extend it to them. My impressions of Austria were similar: cold fish.

    I might have guessed wrong about why you disliked CH.

    • sasha says:

      Only time a girl ever *ran* away from me upon appraching = Swiss.
      To sum it up, Switzerland = a bunch of 6’s acting like they’re 10’s
      fuck that shit!!!

  • Jon says:

    Well all I can say is that it was pretty awesome. ;) Seriously I was there. It was OUTRAGEOUS fun. I was horrible at game (I still kinda suck) and had a ridiculous amount of AA. During the boot camp I totally destroyed my AA, it was so much fun. I made a ton of approaches, really crazy stuff to state-shift, and was overly direct with girls, something I wasn’t to do by myself like ever.

    I didnt get LAID but I can seriously tell that I got better results than in my whole life together, it was THAT cool. Sasha is so funny too (and fun (watched the seminar :p)).

  • jewbeeli says:

    1. the security is brutal to foreigners, not for israeli-born people, so it’s ok for us.

    2. what impression did you get on israeli chicks compared to other places? are they snubby? how did the students themselves did with them?

    • sasha says:

      1) That may be the case, but as far as I can tell the Israeli people are massively oppressed in other ways too. I felt more free in Russia, which should tell you something.

      2) I saw around 3 hot girls the entire time in The country. It wasn’t good. I know they’re around SOMEwhere – I just didn’t find them. Students did great, but that was daygame obviously. And me and Marcus are REALLY good teachers ;)
      Hopefully they’ll read this and reply/tell you themselves how they did ;)

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