Inauthentic Authenticity – Daily life in the Matrix

So, the USA has selected a new “leader”! haha…. wheeeee
It’s so fun watching politicians talking and making promises, especially when you know they are all lying through their teeth.
It really got me thinking about the state of men today (our whole society, in fact!)
Is it any wonder EVERYTHING is fake… All the way from the “leaders” to the food we eat, all the way down to the ads we see on TV?
Everything from what we’re taught in school, the beliefs we get from society and our parents… all the way down to how we act when we meet someone new?
Entire industries are being built based on lying to people.
Entire nations.
Entire worlds! Well, at least this one….
It’s nuts!
So on this historical day, ask yourself this question;
On a scale of one to 10….. How much are you actually being you, every day?
I mean – really being you. YOU YOU. You know, the fulfilled, happy, calm, inspirited, fearless YOU that isn’t being affected and controlled by… the fake ass matrix around you?
Are you even in touch what THAT you?
Are you living your life based on YOUR terms… or someone else’s because the matrix says so?
How happy are you on a daily basis? Really happy?
These are some heavy questions….. but if you can answer them with even the slightest modicum of honesty (whether you are doing great or not….)
You’ll be doing better than the vast majority of the political “leaders” on the planet today… and certainly better than the ‘sheeple’ that are living in it.
If you’re not living life on your terms day by day, evolving day by day… You are not living authentically – you’re just existing – and feeding their matrix.
If it makes you feel any better, it was a 30+ year challenge to even figure out there was a control mechanism…. and I can tell you it’s never too late to start breaking out of it. And never too early, either! :)
Well… if you’d like to see my rant (with special guest Jeff Berwick) on this election results, check out my latest Sasha Show.
It’s a little peek into the matrix and how it works….. but I warn you – Jeff doesn’t mince words – he tells it like it is.
Soon, I’ll be inviting you to join me in an epic webinar with an insanely talented guest where we will be digging around, uncovering, and explaining just how to escape out of (and thrive) in this outdated, corrupt, limiting matrix under which the vast majority of humanity is functioning.
Stay tuned, things are about to get veeeery interesting…..
Enjoy the episode, and leave your comments below!


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