Sasha Daygame in Buenos Aires

In-field approach – Buenos Aires!

Ok so, nothing fancy here. I saw this hottie in the market and did my thing. It was tough to connect because of the language barrier.

Note she touches me early on (good sign) – but when she tries to get my facebook i just continue trying to get to know her.

I didn’t really get to know her much or build massive connection – but this kind of shows that if you’re a bit fun and curious, that can be enough to date a date with a bate! Even when you can’t communicate too effectively!

I’ll put up a compilation of some South American approaches at some point….


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  • Nick says:

    Hey sasha, just wondering what you do about STD’s. You say that you go down on girls before you give them the sweet sweet loving. How do you know they don’t have anything. My numbers have started to rack up lately and this is something tha
    t has been playing on my mind. Should I just ask them outright, cause that’s a bit of a mood killer. Also are you going to be in australia anytime soon? Would love to do your bootcamp and show you some crocodiles.


    • Admin says:

      What’s up man. I’m just pretty careful. I don’t rush into sex these days, I prefer to get to know women, including their sexual history etc. If it is a faster type thing I use protection.

      yeah, I eat pussy without saran-wrapping their vagina. Some risks are just a part of the game ;)

      I’m doing a BC/Residential late January in Sydney, you can reserve a spot on my website

      I’d love to have you along! ;)

  • rob says:

    Oh my god there is some amazing stuff on this blog. Where can I find some of your stand up?

  • Jonny Marr says:

    Great approach! I enjoy your videos and tips on day game. You encourage me to get out of my comfort zone to talk to more beautiful women haha

  • sharpie says:

    Yea man I agree with other commenters as for the language barrier and how crucial it is to know another language or 2.

  • Fernando says:

    I find that he being a foreign is a plus for the girls, they are always more interested in tourist people, but you are amazing bro, I hope some day I can see you doing your stuff in a place like Playa del Carmen in Mexico ;)

  • Spiner says:

    The way she behave, like little girl having fun in amusement park, smooth and natural.

  • Facu says:

    You really inspire me man!
    I hope someday speak better english, and to meet you in person! Thank you!

  • Facu says:

    Wow!!! Amazing!!.
    Picking up in my country! yeahh!!!

  • Fabi says:

    Hi Sasha,

    I´m from Buenos Aires and i´m following your videos since last year. I like your videos to learn some tips. Are you giving a bootcamp here?

    Thank you,

  • Fer says:

    Sasha, what’s your opinion on argentinian girls? Do you consider them to be a pain in the ass for pick up?

  • adolfo says:

    estuvo buenisimo el aproach, muy linda la chica,

  • Thomaz De Graeve says:

    Hell yeah!!!!

    I Phone is fucking bullshit and for pussies but S i tought you had one yourself in your previous movie clip.

    Blackberry is the shit! (except the touch versions)

    live the life bitches

  • Johhnyyyyyyyyy says:

    patience is a key thing ! always remember 79% (maybe more) of all communications are with body languadge !!!

  • Pablo says:

    Hi Sasha, welcome to argentina man! what are you doing here? how long will you stay? Are you doing any talks or bootcamps? Un abrazo!

  • John says:

    I do have to ask: when are you coming back to Argentina? cause I missed the time you came. People here really need you, there might be a lot of beautiful girls but most of the guys I know are fucking pussies, I can’t even find a decent wingman, they’re so sad and think they don’t have a chance, and this sometimes is contagious :/

    • Admin says:

      Make sure to be on my mailing list and you won’t miss me next time I’m there.
      Yeah, guys are pussies everywhere. Welcome to the 21st century.

  • Eddy Baller says:

    I find that not speaking the same language can be a major advantage. Body language is king.

    P.S. looking good meng

  • Eddy Baller says:

    I find that not speaking the same language can be a major advantage. Body language is king.

  • steve says:

    that was awesome. showing that language barrier doesnt matter.

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