Sasha Daygame in the most famous pua in the netherlands

I’m the most famous PUA in the Netherlands/Holland!!!


If you actually know what it says, let me know. I think it’s good, but I’m not 100% sure :P

Dutch is hard to translate!!! (If you can put this into english for me, I’ll love you forever.) ;)



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  • Bert says:

    waddup Sasha!!

    I’m Dutch. I’ll give it a shot for you. It basically introduces the PUA phenomenon, ‘pick up gurus’ traveling from city to city to teach men the art of seduction. One of them (you) was this week in Amsterdam. Last week in Oslo, next week in Germany, followed by Miama and Brazil. He’s using the name Sasha Daygame because he focuses on seducing women during daytime. He had a talk in front of 25 young men. Around 30. Well dressed, seeming to be succesful in their carreers. But deep inside very insecure about women.
    ”I’m the father a lot of men never had” Sasha explains. ”Men have to learn to be masculin again.” When I see a lady walking, i go right at my target. I tell her she’s beautiful and that I wanna get to know her. Everywhere on the world the same rules apply.

    Part about the game and mystery I’d rather omit (have to go out so don’t have the time sorry Sasha haha)

    In his present course Sasha focuses on learning men to be themselves. At first my job was to learn men how to pick up women, now it’s all about breaking them through their fear and pushing them into a certain direction. Seduction is part of it, but is no longer the essence. Sasha forces his students to be braver. He let’s them practice with unexpected social situations. He challenges them to dare more and more. This way men destroy their ego, talking to a woman is no big deal after this. After the lecture Sasha is asked his opinion about Dutch women (beautiful, but cold) <- agree with you on this one.. dutch girls are hottt and cold at the same time haha. Homework Sasha gave to one of the participants which used to be bullied: Every day talk to the first beautiful woman he encounters. Every day, the rest of his life. And get into sports. Stop his job, and start his own business. On a certain day he will eventually meet her ''the oneeee'' She will fall for him, because he's showing no fear. Because he became his true self: the man which is deep inside him.

    There you go mate.. I'm taking your advice for tonight and will please the ladies in name of you.


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