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July 6thth

Epic fail: Almost fought/fucked the same girl in one night!

So, I’d met a couple of girls at this event a couple of week back. One of ‘em was really hot. We had a nice little chat, I got her number – and she seemed pretty up for it. She said “Call me!” and I said I would. I found her later on and chatted to her a bit more, a she said “call me” again. I replied “Yea I will. And I won’t wait 2 days to do it either. That’s rubbish.  In fact, I’m going to call you right now!!”

So, as she went to the loo, I called her and left her a message. Something like “Look at this. I go the extra mile of calling you right away, not playing head games – and lookit what you’ve done. You’ve not picked up the phone. This is ridiculous”

Anywho: we texted a bit. Actually she was calling me a fair bit for a few days right after… I was trying to get her off the phone cuz I had shit to do! Also, we chatted on skype a bit. Then, I went to scotland for a bit, and met up with her when I got back. So it had been 2 weeks since I’d met her initially.

Our date was good and bad. It’s hard to explain. It’s like, we got along for the most part (good banter) but then we had these little power struggles. She was trying to get me to buy her drinks – which I wasn’t having any of.  That’s literally what caused most of the tension.  I took her to this night, it was only 4pounds to get in. Beforehand, we’re getting a drink. I didn’t want anything but got a juice. So, I say “let’s flip for it, it’s fun!” and she looses and pays, begrudgingly.  Then she says I should pay to get into the night cuz she got the drinks. Now, I don’t want to be too stingy too ridgit with the whole “don’t spend money on girls thing “, so I did pay our admission. No probs.   But then during the break, she’s trying to get me to buy her an alchohoic drink – when I’m not even drinking. That’s not cool. AND she knows I’m taking her for a “tasty treat” (fancy ice cream) after this. This makes it weird but I try brush it off.

After the show, we’re walking to the bus stop to get to the ice cream place.  Then, I bump into a guy I haven’t seen in – 2 years. Turns out a friend of mine Is just in the pub.  I say to her “let’s pop in for a moment so I can say hi… like literally 2 mins” and she says “I’m only coming in if you buy me a pint!”

At this point, I’m like – what the fuck.  I explain I don’t’ want to get stuck in this pub, that I want to take her to the ice cream place….. that I just want to say hi to this guy! She says ok you go ahead, I’ll wait her. I go in, give the guy a hug and come back out.

Then, she says my glasses are girl glasses and jokes that I just steal girl’s glasses. I’m like “Yep” and the I take her glasses and put ‘em in my pocket. She keeps asking for ‘em but I didn’t give ‘em back. In the end she forgot about ‘em – as I knew she would. Muahah.

At the ice cream place, they are just closing – but of course I joke around and get them to serve us anyways. We got to a bar afterwards… but it’s closing soon (at 1230) and she says she’s freezeing.  I say “there’s another one right next door let’s see if it’s open later?” but she says she’s too cold and says I should go and check it out myself. I though she was being a pain, but later she explained she was really cold.  I say “ok let’s just stay here”….. the whole fucking scenario was cold at this point. She said “yea we probably only need 30 mins!” as in the date would be over by then. I was thinking that too, but at the same time I was thinking “I can probably get you to come over in 30 mins” lol

Anywho: Can you guess what I did in the 30 mins before the bar closed? Oh yea. Question game.  We pretty much were talking sex within: 3 minutes? She was asking me ALL sex stuff….. fantasies, what I’ve done, not done, all sorts. She was wellllll up for it.

It closed and we went outside – and started arguing about me being stubborn and not looking for other bars because she was cold (I thought she was being a pain in the ass)

She actually said “I’m walking this way” and walked off. She didn’t look back!!! I thought it was over! At this point I decided to make a phone call. This is funny: This hot polish girl I’d met a few days before had called me FIVE TIMES that night. Fucking ridiculous. FIVE TIMES! (and send a text saying we should go for a picnic!) … I was just ignoring her.  I’m guessing that was a hard core motherfucking booty call! Anyways, at 12:40am I rang the polish girl. If she wants to meet up, I’d rather go and see her than this fucking pain in the ass. I called, but no answer. Fuck it – I run after the Pain in the ass. I’ll call her PITA girl! ha!

Somehow, I talk sense into her. I apologized for not recognizing that she was cold and just explained how I thought she was being a pain. Oh – it doesn’t help that she knew I’m a dating coach – that had come up a couple of times as well! (argh!)

At this point, we look around for something else – there was nothing. Just the fact that she wants to hang out is telling me she wants to hook up. We don’t get along that way – why the fuck else would she be hanging around?  This is interesting – Because she knows I’m quite confident (have been in my flirting with her etc) she knows she could get sex from me tonight.  If I was shy etc, she’s have left for sure knowing I would never pull the trigger.

Anyways: We hung around outside this café that was closing. I kept just flirting with her etc – tired to kiss her and she didn’t go for it. It’s obvious it’s on though. She says “I’m seeing this guy, it’s going pretty well. I think he’s going to ask me to be his girlfriend this weekend” …

Now, the old me would have taken this badly – but I knew what she meant.  I said “So if we’re going to hook up, it pretty much has to be tonight!” and she agreed.  A few minutes later she says “So, how far do you live from here?” … I say we should go to mine and something about a massage. She said “Ok, I’ll come over for a massage, but I’m not promising anything” …

Cha ching!

We get back, I make some tea and put a candle and some music on in my room.  I get her face down…. Clothes come off and I give her a hell of a massage. I must say, this girls body was one of the hottest I’ve EVER had my hands on. Like, perfect.  Tight stomach…ribs just poking out a bit. So hot.  Nice tight little breasts. Omg. When I actually started taking the massage sexy – I was grindin up against her and grabbin’ her boobs with a RAGING hard on. But, did I put a connie on and pump her? Oh no. I keep massaging her… eventually fingering her and going down on her.  I was eating her out for about 20 mins and she liked it, but it was really slow going. I said to her “Most girls would have come by now”

Alright. Maybe it wasn’t the best thing to say – but this chick had issuessssssss.  She literally dried up as I was fingering her – and I could just tell she wasn’t into it. She’s moaning about how I think I’m sooo good because I said that, and how it put pressure on her, etc.  It got really weird, and she just said she didn’t want me touching her anymore. Eek. THAT was awkward.  I was going to do a freeze out on her, but there’s nothing you can do after that. Also she said “I really like this guy….”

IT was done. I think I said “this is awkward” and she said “Well, either we can sleep, or you can kick me out” …. And I said we should sleep.

In the morning, she pretty much just left and that was that.   Well, that’s what happens when you bring home a girl strictly for sex… who you have zero comfort with. In fact, we had negative comfort. We were kind of enemies, heheeh.  Like, at least 3 times during the date I thought “fuck this” but then kept going.

Anywho: Yea, strange night. I still enjoyed parts of it… but hated other parts.  Given that a) I really wanted to hook up with her and b) this would have been my only opportunity to do so as she was about to go steady with another guy – I did what I wanted to do. It just went fucking weird.

Interestingly enough – when I’d met this girl initially, I’d considered something might be up with her.  She was just, really up for it.  More so than most… so for some reason I just thought maybe she was nuts.  Maybe a girl really being up for it suggests she really likes sex – or more likely, that she needs validation via sex from new men (which suggests inner game issues?) …. But I really did think, when I met her “she might be nuts”

Also, she was calling me a fair bit around that time… generally needyness in women kind of guys with mental instability. I think I’ve found that to be the case. I think girls believe it to be the case with use too.  Think about it. Stalker guy keeps calling her? Probably nuts

Needyness = serious issues. I think I smelt it a mile away. Ah well, fuck it.


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