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Not all PUA’s ….

But, some people are stuck in a “PUA” box – and aren’t interested in getting out anytime soon, either.

What do I mean?

I mean guys get so caught up in “the game.”

They want more sets! More number closes! More sex! More more more! YEAAAAHHHH!!!!

WTF man.

Did you really join the community to bang loads of chicks – really? Or because you want to truly connect with an amazing woman (or a few?)

I’m guessing it’s the latter. I just put up this clip from my latest talk, where I stated that after I got a girls’ number, I would go home and read a book – not do more approaches.  The youtube comments were showing me that my message was not clear. Guys were reacting like I was saying “QUIT the GAME if you meet a girl!”


I’m saying, if you meet an amazing girl, someone you truly made a connection with – you should FOCUS ON HER for a while. Relish in the meetup. Think about her. Focus on the process of getting to know her and building a connection. Focus on the seduction.

Your ENERGY should be spent on calling/texting her, talking to her, getting her out on a date. Then on having a great date.  Then on having further dates etc…… focus on HER till you get her! Once you’ve build a connection and she’s IN YOUR Life – then go out and meet more women, if you feel the need.

You can’t focus on 10 girls at once. Shit, connecting with ONE can be tough. Anymore than 3 is a task. Take my word for it!

The real journey in self-development is in allow yourself to be present enough in the moment to truly give yourself to it.  To allow yourself to just be in front of a girl, and take pleasure in figuring her out. Taking in her energy. Her spirit. Her being. Getting comfortable with your SELF enough – to allow yourself really get to know a woman, is the greatest journey of all. Then, you’re playing the real game – the game of mastering yourself.

A big part of being a man is having the balls to truly get to know a woman – not just run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off “opening sets.”

Is what I’m saying SO crazy?

I didn’t get into this to talk to 25 girls a day, or sleep with 100’s of women.

I got into this to become comfortable expressing my intensions – and to have some sexy, amazing girls in my life.

And I’ve got that now :)

I hope this little rant will help find some amazing women too….



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  • lonny says:

    YEAH!!!! Who on EARTH…????WHO???? on THIS earth wants to get laid LOADS?? omg. those PUA’s..omg. getting laid loads etc.

  • Bev says:

    I really do like the thought behind this entire article, I know I got into the game to meet and connect with women to potentially become more, but I do have one question: Isn’t this promoting oneitis?
    But in saying this, I know oneitis can be a good thing, but in my recent experience it has become a very bad thing to the point of not knowing how to get out of it at this point. Any advice on this?

  • Caster says:

    Great stuff, there’s not allot of articles in the ‘scene’ that incorporate the much needed advice that we see here.

    JJ I feel you as well man, when the student is ready, the teacher shall appear, and there’s so many different students with different needs at any point and time.

  • Mal Francis says:

    You’re absolutely right about connecting to a few girls instead of just putting a little effort in a lot of women. Because if you have 10 women around you, it will be hard to connect to all of them. And this might lead to losing all of them. But if you connect to only 2 or 3 per time, then they will feel more connection to you as well, and the chance of them staying with you is much higher because they feel appreciated.

    What I usually do is that I pick up maybe 5-10 girls now and then, but in the end I filter out 7 of 10 girls so that I in the end only spend quality time with 2-3 of them. I let the rest 7-8 girls just fall out, because I can genuinely not keep up with 10 girls at once, it is just way too stressful. In the long run though, this leads to having tens of women around the world that you can visit and most likely be able to be physical with. But in the local community where I live I prefer to only have 2-3 girls at once that I connect with. And these 2-3 give me much more meaning in my life than having 10 women at once and not be able to have quality time with all of them. It is much nicer to get to know a few woman deeply – instead of 10 women briefly – who you can have fun and talk shit with as much as you want and at the same time be able to be physical with ;) Then, when the time with these women is “over”, THEN you can pick up a few more girls again and explore Their lives :)

    And hey! If you have only 1-3 very hot girls at once for a a few months or more, what more do you need than that? If you have only one girl and she is fun, she has an amazing body and face, she is special. Why would you need 15 of these same girls? What do you literally get from 15 instead of 1? Just a few more for your statistics-game is what you get. But you also get quantity time instead of quality time. And I prefer quality time before quantity time. Quality time with women is what you want. Quality time is what makes your life meaningful, and you can fall asleep every night with a smile on your face when you have meaning and pure quality in your life.

  • Unstoppable says:

    Hey Sasha I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for this article. I’ve noticed that I’m really good at talking to and meeting girls and getting numbers but then I can’t do anything from there. I was really playing it as a numbers game but I am slowly realizing it IS hard to invest in just ONE girl so do that before I start running around talking to hundreds of girls a day. This article puts into words EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking about and it’s really encouraging. Thanks man! Can’t wait till you come to DC!

  • Mihka says:

    I reposted the vid to the forums I’m on and people are having the same reaction. I tell people to look at the bigger point and that this is NOT an instructional video. It’s not a tutorial. Sasha is making mental jumps and simplifying things for the sake of later points, as one does in normal conversation, but it takes either the ability to think along those lines OR the experience to know first hand what he’s talking about to get it immediately.

    I think on subsequent viewings though it becomes clear that the first minute isn’t the point of the video.

  • Anglacer says:

    Yes, i totally agree with this..

    most aspiring PUA’s nowadays come from the “victim mindset” hence why most PUA’s are being pushed by the pain from their life. most of the times, students that i instruct are more concentrated on the number of results that they get rather than actually understanding that HAVING SEX WITH 40 GIRLS AND HAVING SEX WITH 40,000 GIRLS, DO NOT MEAN ANYTHING.

    It is hard to convey to others that life as a process of learning yourself and experience the deepening of you as a man is a much more venturous journey, than being attached to the shallow outcome of Sex as your main destination.

    “Sleeping with more Woman than others, does not make you more of a better man…”

    Note: don’t get me wrong, having sex is awesome.. But once you start getting laid on a REGULAR BASIS – you will find out that there are much more important things to improve upon you and a lot more things to experience; than just f*cking : )

    Prosper on your Journeys,
    – Anglacer™

  • JJ says:

    Wise words.

    But you can understand the Youtube retards can’t you?

    We’ve all been approach machines because it was what we needed to be at the time. It was what we needed to be in order to get to the next step: forming awesome connections with the women rather than approaching tons of them.

    To someone new to the game, approaching is very addictive and you cannot just tell them to quit being an approach machine and focus on connecting with one woman at a time.

    It’s like seeing a starving, malnourished guy eating a Big Mac and telling him not to eat that because it’s unhealthy. He’s going to say: Fuck you asshole, I’m hungry.

    It’s the same thing with approaching tons of women v.s. connecting with one or a few.

    Point is: a lot of guys NEED to go through that phase of being an approach machine to realise that what’s more important is connecting. You can explain it to them and they will understand it at a logical level, but unless they experience it for themselves, they will not understand.

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