Sasha Daygame in I hate pua's


Not all PUA’s ….

But, some people are stuck in a “PUA” box – and aren’t interested in getting out anytime soon, either.

What do I mean?

I mean guys get so caught up in “the game.”

They want more sets! More number closes! More sex! More more more! YEAAAAHHHH!!!!

WTF man.

Did you really join the community to bang loads of chicks – really? Or because you want to truly connect with an amazing woman (or a few?)

I’m guessing it’s the latter. I just put up this clip from my latest talk, where I stated that after I got a girls’ number, I would go home and read a book – not do more approaches.  The youtube comments were showing me that my message was not clear. Guys were reacting like I was saying “QUIT the GAME if you meet a girl!”


I’m saying, if you meet an amazing girl, someone you truly made a connection with – you should FOCUS ON HER for a while. Relish in the meetup. Think about her. Focus on the process of getting to know her and building a connection. Focus on the seduction.

Your ENERGY should be spent on calling/texting her, talking to her, getting her out on a date. Then on having a great date.  Then on having further dates etc…… focus on HER till you get her! Once you’ve build a connection and she’s IN YOUR Life – then go out and meet more women, if you feel the need.

You can’t focus on 10 girls at once. Shit, connecting with ONE can be tough. Anymore than 3 is a task. Take my word for it!

The real journey in self-development is in allow yourself to be present enough in the moment to truly give yourself to it.  To allow yourself to just be in front of a girl, and take pleasure in figuring her out. Taking in her energy. Her spirit. Her being. Getting comfortable with your SELF enough – to allow yourself really get to know a woman, is the greatest journey of all. Then, you’re playing the real game – the game of mastering yourself.

A big part of being a man is having the balls to truly get to know a woman – not just run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off “opening sets.”

Is what I’m saying SO crazy?

I didn’t get into this to talk to 25 girls a day, or sleep with 100’s of women.

I got into this to become comfortable expressing my intensions – and to have some sexy, amazing girls in my life.

And I’ve got that now :)

I hope this little rant will help find some amazing women too….



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