I don’t know what to say…

I often have my students tell me “I don’t know what to say to a girl because….”


And then fill in the blank.


She’s sitting down?
Or if she’s alone?
Or if she’s with her friends?
Or if she’s on a bus?


bla bla bla


And for YEARS I’ve been bored with the question.


Why? Because the answer is so obvious.


If you don’t know what to say, it means you are NOT having fun.

Take the situation, and have fun with it.

Your “Lack of things to say” is just a representation of your lack of creativity.


That’s it.


There’s infinite fun things you can do in any situation. You just have to tap into your natural born creative potential and let it flow!



The good news is, just like any other skills – these can be improved upon.


And the easiest way to start working on this RIGHT NOW?


Start having fun while talking to people.


Not just GIRLS…. people. You know. Human beings.


If you can have fun in a playful manner with random people you meet each day … and you make a habit of it – you should be damned sure you introduce yourself to a beautiful woman when the opportunity presents itself.


PRACTICE makes perfect.


A general rule to be able to start a conversation in any situation is “What is out of the ordinary here? What has gotten my attention?” …. and then comment on it. It doesn’t even have to be super amusing. Just the fact that you are noticing something and engaging in a conversation puts you in the top 3% of men out there. Make a habit of always seeing something, then saying something. It’s as simple as that!



OK OK – here’s 3 examples you can actually DO (because I love you SO MUCH!)


  • If a girl is alone and passes you on the street, why not just assume that she should have asked you on a date? I mean you’re awesome, aren’t you? So a simple “Hey, I know you saw me back there, but you didn’t ask me on a date. What’s wrong, are you shy?” Own the Frame. It’s cocky. It’s ridiculous. It’s funny.


  • Say a woman is in a line up – all the way up near the front. Geez – how ever will you meet her? Walk up to her and say “Hey do you mind if I pretend I’m your friend and cut the line? Thanks!” … then you wink at her, and tell her that you didn’t really want to cut the line. You came over because she’s a beauty and you wanted to meet her!


  • Say a girl is sitting in a cafe alone. Oh no! What’s a guy to do? You walk straight up to her, sit down and tell her: “Hey, I am SO SORRY I am late. I’m never late for first dates…. damn … you look WAY better than you do online!”


BAM! Who does that stuff? Nobody… Nobody but me and my students. But you don’t have to take a $3900 bootcamp from me to learn to be creative. You can choose to start being creative RIGHT NOW!


It’s a choice. Decide NOW.


Say it out loud.


“I am not boring. I am not average. I hold the creative power of the universe within myself…. and I will harness this great gift and bring it into the world!”


If you need a kick, go take some improv classes, or write some jokes and go perform at an open mic night – then tell me you can’t come up with anything to introduce yourself to people.


Ah: I’ve just put out a new video of me demonstrating the power of of this creative force. And it’s one of the examples above!



P.S I’ll soon be releasing a short kindle book with all of my best lines (as well as exercises on how to develop your creativity and humour) ….. so keep your eyes peeled. It’s gonna be a life changer!


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