Sasha Daygame in sleep with her

I didn’t mean to sleep with her, honest!

July 3rd

Hooked up with this super friendly/fun/mixed girl today.  I had a few people over for a movie night. I’d met this girl at this function a little while back. She was cute, but not really my type physically.  I’m into skinny/athletic girls – she was just normal figure wise. Most guys would say “she’s fine” but – hey I like what I like. Anyways what appealed to me about her was her outgoing/fun personality. She’s really smiley. She was cool to talk to. So, Yea. I wasn’t actually planning on anything going down.

So, She comes round and we all chill and watch a film. It’s all good.  All my friends (who hadn’t met) get along ….. coolio! I got her to my room, to actually just chill and talk. (There was someone in the living room who was getting in the way of us chatting.)

Once in there, we just had a nice chat about stuff. We started talking about sex a bit. She was so open is was unreal.  I just said “Hey, you want to see a video of me getting blown?” … she’s like “yea sure”

Then, we talked about how how it was (very) … She was saying she’s gtting tunred no… and I was like “fuck, I’m getting so hard, check it out.” She had a little grope, then left it. I just kept takling about how horny I was.  She had another little feel and tried to stop herself, I think. Then a few seconds later, she was just touching me up…. Then down under the underwear, and I’m getting a hand job. Then I asked her “Hey, are you good at blojobs? Could you do it as well as her?” and she’s like “yea for sure”

I think you guys know what happened after that! Anywho: we ended up hooking up, and it was pretty hot!

Partially I was horny as I was supposed to see hbhungarian before she left the country – but it just would have been super rushed due to our schedules, so I told her it was all good and I’d see her when she got back!

Anyways: Even though I wasn’t THAT attracted to this girl……. shit – this just goes to show you how far personality girls. I mean…… she wasn’t my type physically… but she was just … fucking cool!

I’ve said this before… but… showing girls a video of you getting sucked off seems to be an aphrodisiac.  I gotta make more porn!! ;) hehe


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