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Hustle Like a Thai Taxidriver

I know – you’re thinking I’m just bangin’ hoes all over the place, right?

Wrong!! I’m with my wonderful girlfriend, and a bunch of friends flew over to celebrate my birthday. It was great!!

So far: Lady Boy show, Thai Boxing match, shopping….woooo fun! (And TONS of eatin’)

This place is hilarious. The locals will always try and rip off the tourist in Ridiculous ways. This lady tried to charge boris 1800 Bhat for a plastic cat statue. If you walk up to a cab that’s waiting by the street and tell them where you want to go, they’ll typically ask for 200 to 300 baht, when on a meter it would run you 50 baht. The other day, this guy asked for 700 Baht. I just grabbed a taxi off the street – came to 70. So he was shooting for 10x the prices. TEN TIMES!!! The AUDACITY to fuck someone over to That DEGREE IS AMAZING!!! But on the other hand good for him. I’ll be you that he gets it, sometimes.

Some people will have no idea of the real price
Some people are too rich to care
Some People are just plain dumb
Some people may believe (for whatever reason) that it’s not unreasonable.

The Point is that he tries. He’s hustling. He wants 700 and he asks for it. He’s not afraid of “What might happen” when he looks a stranger in the eye and tell them what he wants – even when it’s COMPLETELY UNREASONABLE.

And I was thinking – imagine – juuuust for a second – that YOU would ask for whatever you wanted, all the time, without hesitation. Just hustle like a thai taxidriver.

Imagine you got it, just half the time. Or ever 25% of the time. Or even 10% of the time. How different would your life be now?

You feel me?

As Wayne Gretzky said “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!” – and this is something the Thai taxidrivers truly understand. (Well, at least the crooked ones) :P

So – the moral of the day is – Hustle like a Thai taxidriver!!
You just might get what you ask for ;)



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