How To Remove Your Approach Anxiety And Fear Of Rejection (Permanently!)

“How Do I Get Rid of My Approach Anxiety?”

…is the question I get THE MOST, of all questions, ever.



Killing that irrational fear of approaching women is a huge part of what I teach, and I have written a couple of excellent articles on how to eliminative your fear of rejection in the past such as here.



Now, The 21 Convention just released my latest (and quite possibly greatest) speech on how to PERMANENTLY Remove Your Approach Anxiety (Or Social Fear.)


It’s EPIC.



If you are tired of NOT meeting the women you want to be meeting, (or you could just use some extra inspiration) STAY on your ass….



…. and watch this video right now:





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  • winston says:

    hey sasha, great video!

    but i have a doubt about how to kill the ego in this situation

    i am in my job a chick is sat there smoking and i wanna approach her but my ego is telling me hey don´t do it you can be fired if the girl feels akward if you bother her when you approach and say a stupid thing. what can i do? when my brain is telling me those shits when i want to approach a girl in my job

  • Scott says:

    Sasha, how do you recommend approaching girls in the gym?

    Oh, and awesome video, by the way.

    • sashapua says:

      Just Don’t be an idiot :P …. Be clear that you don’t want to interrupt or be a douche – BUT being the cutest girl in the gym you couldn’t help it.

      My favourite line is: “Hey will you be my personal trainer? You are BUFF!!!” … then they say they don’t do that, and I’m like “oh I thought you did….” and then keep talking. DONE.

      I teach the mindsets and techniques that allow you to approach women in ALL situations in my book, The Direct Daygame bible !

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