Sasha Daygame in how to pick up a woman in 60 seconds

How to Pick Up A Woman in 60 Seconds


This video explains how to pick up a woman in 60 seconds.

It’s real simple, there’s just 4 steps:

1) Put out a positive energy
2) Have some intent
3) Give her a legit compliment
4) Pull the fucking trigger

If you mind your everyday life, and do this…. you’re probably going to meet a lot of girls.
I’m watching ;)


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  • Apoorv says:

    Nice video…… again emphasizing on authenticity…. Please gimme some more suggestions with regard to pickin up shy and introvert girls of India.

    I’ve tried and got some success but again I feel that I am lacking in some or the other way…..

    And……Please come to Delhi,India asap. :D

    • Admin says:

      WHAT IS UP BRESKI!! Don’t yell, take it easy, be calm, and acknowledge that they are shy. If you used to be somewhat shy, you can tell them you were shy too. Other than that, I have no idea. I really don’t go for shy chicks! :D

  • Socialkenny PUA says:

    Lastly, I’m not sure if I ever seen a video of you gaming some black chicks. What’s up with that?

    I mean, you haven’t really been to any countries lately which have a big concentration of black chicks, so I can see why this is the case…unless you don’t game black chicks?

  • Socialkenny PUA says:

    I think this also applies to kiss closes as far as intent and frame.

  • Michael Loria says:


    Love the vid, great as always


  • Nelso says:

    Good stuff Sasha! Straight to the point!

  • David says:

    ahahahaha, you pick up girls in Budapest?? come to Belgrade, to see what is “mission impossible” !

    • Admin says:

      I’m in Belgrade right now, and I slept with a very sexy woman last night – on our first date! So shut the fuck up lol

  • Alex D. says:

    Great and simple !!

  • roguewave says:

    Your the man Sasha. Bless you! I seen you look at the hot chick that passed you….. Hehehehehehe had to keep filming Muhahahahahaha.

  • Brian from Ireland says:

    I now have the perfect video to show guys when they ask me about daygame. Boom shakka lakka!

  • Jidi says:

    Sounds good! Efficiency’s always good :)

  • Facu says:

    Great video! thank you!!

  • David Dick says:

    HEY SASHA!! Did you ever fell in love at first sight? I’m kinda fall right now. This is changing my mood. I think this is kinda bad.. (I hadn’t time to pull the trigger last time i saw her (Next time I see her i’m going to do it ;) )) What would you do?

    ps: sorry for my really really bad english
    pps: i live in germany

    • Admin says:

      yay! I love Germans! Yes it’s happened to me. Usually ends bad :P
      But when you really feel that – THAT is the time you can do the most authentic approach – so next time JUST RUN OVER THERE AND SAY ANYTHING!!!


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