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How to overcome fear and achieve happiness by moving into love

Alright kiddies, so I know I’ve been a *bit* quiet lately, but I’ve got a good excuse.

I’ve been focusing on myself, because I LOVE ME! :)

Now, in truth I have been going through some BIG changes – just understanding a lot more about the nature of reality, who we are…. and that’s changing my understanding of and how I approach “Dating science”

There is so much beautiful stuff I want to share, I honestly don’t know where to start. But, I made one video yesterday talking about one realisation I’ve had.

It’s relatively simple:

I’ve realised how my PUA journey had led me to spiritual awakening.

By conquering my fear of approaching women – I discovered how to overcome fear and move into LOVE.

PUA is good – if you use it the right way ;)

Here it is:

Oh and PLEASE leave comments, would love to hear what you guys think, especially as there will be more “Crazyness” coming your way!




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  • PickUpFlow says:

    Hey Sasha,

    This is so true because every time I overcome my fear I feel extremely proud and happy about myself because I did it.

    For example, the stuff like boldly approaching a hot woman and complimenting on her hot ass is what can make a guy extremely empowered and fulfilled because he acted by his true beliefs and his true feelings in all their simplicity while at the same time realizing that no harm happened to him as a result.

    Finally, I’d just like to say that the stuff about love and fear has reminded me of Mahatma Gandhi’s happines quote that says:

    “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”

    Bruno Babic

  • Brewski says:

    Hi Sasha,

    Thanks for inspiring me time and time again! I feel I’m slowly moving towards love bit by bit, I quit my job coz I didn’t like it, I now have an awesome job without too much pressure, more time to approach beautiful women and make a fool of myself and not give a shit.

    Anyway what you are doing is really f’in cool, keep it up!

    I also listened to the whole pod coast on health, pretty awakening stuff. I already stopped eating sugar (almost) entirely coz I wanna live longer.

    Cheers !


  • Kevin says:

    Hey Sasha, great content. Pushing your boundaries = more abundance. More abundance = more love. :-)

  • Viktor says:

    Hey Sasha ! How you doin?
    I always love when you post a new crazy video , that really inspires me!
    I have done lots of your awesome advice and it works!
    Im more happier guy then i was before and its cuz of you
    Thank you man !
    But Ive still have problems to read signals from a lady , does she like me or not , its a bit confusing ! How do I for sure notice if a lady like me and if she is a shy one ?
    Bless you Sasha and have a lovely week
    Viktor from Sweden

    • Admin says:

      You’re welcome! There’s no fast Answer to that – I’d say any eye contact that’s “Not normal” usually means she’s interested. Too long, too short = she’s attracted.

      But who cares? If you like her go talk to her ;)


  • Juan says:

    The Heart is Key!
    One can feel the love in the vibe of the video.
    The “Thank You, YouTube” video also has this vibe and it[s amazing.

    Constructive Criticism:
    When you get really excited about a topic, you start talking really fast. But it’s not only that, it’s as if you wanna get rid of saying that thought so you can go on to the next. Haha
    I think adjusting the pacing when that happens may help with being a more assertive communicator.

  • David says:

    Really really really awesome video!! I watched this video when I woke up and because of that I had a really awesome day! Today I was just being me, having fun and don’t care about anything! Normally I’m pretty nervous when I have to deliver a lecture (like today). But for the first time I just didn’t care about all the bullshit and I even had fun while doing it! Best things that changed my life completely: 1. No Porn/Fap 2. No Computer Games (things that waste my time) 3. Give the world the best to become the best! (4.. and of course joining your mailing list :D )

    And I even have a date with a girl on saturday! Just an awesome day :)

    Thanks Sasha! I love you too X)

    • Admin says:

      Dude man that’s totally amazing! Your comment has made MY day! Sending love to you brother :)


  • vela says:

    Wow! My eyes have been opened! Please make more Enlightening Videos like this!

  • Michael says:

    Heyy man!
    Very good the argument about how the guys need be more happy about themselfs… Because here in Brazil it’s like this… If you dont show the love inside of you… The people will turn around and you will be sad and will stay fat crying in the house(really pussy).. But I agree 100% when u said about the real meaning of PUA…
    Take care man!!!

  • Carlos Redlich says:

    Word up Sasha

  • Rod Steward says:

    Dear Sasha in response to your latest vid’ may I be so bold as to suggest that love and fear are not opposites as you state. Love is a state of being and as such has no opposite. Fear is mind based and as you rightly said can be overcome in so many ways because you are not your mind. Once you realise this and see your mind as an observer might, through meditation or in your case being a PUA, it totally weakens the control mind has on you, and you realise that fear is just a survival tool and as such could never be powerful enough to oppose love. When you realise you are not your mind you are enlightened to a profound state of being, connectedness and feeling of love which you are now enjoying and rightly spreading the word of baby! Love is unequalled.

    Hugz Rod Steward (not the famous one!)

  • BigMatt says:

    Buddy that is the best thing you have posted in a LONG time!!

    My feeling is that most guys look at pick up as a way of becoming ‘happy’, yet I imagine most will ultimately end up disappointed, as happiness comes from a far deeper place than that.

    Banging the hottest girl every night will be nothing more than a distraction without a deeper love for ourselves.


  • manny says:

    the losing of all fears is a great notion! :)

  • Sam says:

    Very inspiring, Sasha!


  • Logan says:

    This is what separates you from the other guys Sasha. Your indifference, and your self expression help me more than anything else. You getting personal with your fans not only about getting the ladies, but also other areas of your life is inspirational. You’ve become a personal role model, and have given me the ability to break away from all the things that are holding me back with girls, decisions, and just life in general. I love the video and the message. Make sure you keep putting stuff like this out there to continue and transform guys lives. Hope to meet you in person someday and have a terrific time!

    • Admin says:

      Hey bro … i feel your love and it shall motivate me to create.

      So thanks for that :)


  • roy says:

    verry nice video. thank you for reminding us how to live a better life. you are a verry cool dude !

  • Jason says:

    Great video, as always. When I first got interested in doing “pick-up,” it was because I wanted to learn a bunch of techniques to meet and sleep with a lot of hot women. Guilty as charged. Now, I think there is a lot more to life than just meeting hot women. I’m more interested in truly discovering and loving my authentic self, which will then lead me to be happy and confident around all people, including hot women. Authentic “pick-up” is not really about techniques. Authentic “pick-up” is about discovering and loving your true self, which will in turn help people to be drawn to you. And, if people aren’t drawn to you or interested in talking to you, you won’t give a rip because you already love your true self and don’t need someone else’s validation for your self worth.

    • Admin says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself!

      We’re all guilty as charged, but the journey is about change – and furthermore changing as you go in order to move more into who you really wish to become. ;)


  • Francis Nguyen says:

    Love you Sasha! I’ve been following your videos and blog for years. As a busy and poor graduate student, I thank you for all you do. You have great presence with your personality and just easy to relate to.

    Have a wonderful new year and many adventures,

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