How To Have Unique Relationships

A lot of guys fantasise about having that ‘perfect relationship’


Whether you crave having an insane (and regular) sex life


…or just having the company of a woman


Everyone wants to have (at least one) relationship.


But, nobody ever talks about how to go about finding the right girl for you…


(…or how to keep her!)


All the ‘PUA material’ out there is all about getting the girl…. but then what?


You stick her in your closet? Let her out 3x a week for sex, and to make you a sandwich?


What the hell is wrong with society when getting a girl is more important than…actually keeping one?


Have you noticed that most guys just have these random ‘pump-and-dump’ situations? Not just guys in the ‘PUA community’ …your average Joe too:


Go to bar. Drink. Pump a girl once or twice…and move on to the next. I mean, 6 months is your average relationship.



What about having deep, passionate, LONG TERM relationships with women?


If you ask me, this is because guys settle for any action they can get.


They do not DEMAND unique, powerful, genuine connections.


So: what makes a relationship worth having and actually developing?


Well, I’ll tell you a good place to start:


>>> When you are talking to a woman – BEFORE you get her phone number – try to discover at least one thing about her that is truly unique to YOU (so you can create a unique connection based on that thing). <<<

  • Maybe you both love animals, or
  • you’re both hilarious (that’s me!), or
  • you love nature, or
  • maybe there is just an insane physical connection

…but there should be at least ONE THING that makes your connection unique, in some way.


So next time you see a woman and you’re thinking about talking to her – don’t just go talk to her about whatever comes up for 10 minutes.


Go in with genuine curiosity to discover what makes the connection between you and her truly unique


That’s what’ll get the type of girl you’ll want to really spend time with.


And if you start dating, you can build on that connection over time…and discover others too!


But it all starts with ONE THING.


– DO NOT be like the masses


– DO NOT just take random shitty SEX because it’s available


– DEMAND a unique connection…and you will find one.


There are literally millions of amazing women out there waiting to meet you.


The question is – are you going to raise your standards, and put in a little work to find them?


See you soon,



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