How to Escape The Matrix

How to Escape The Matrix

If you’re on my newsletter, you already know that just about everything we’re told about women and dating is a big fat lie.


In fact, almost everything we’re told is!


However, it seems like these days, more and more people out there waking up to this fact. And that’s a good thing :)


People write me all the time saying “Ok Sasha I’ve been following you for three years and now I’m not afraid to talk to women anymore! Now I want to make money and do something I love!”


Of course you do. Because we are *all* financial slaves (to some degree).


That’s why the system was created.


If you truly want to break free of this, and do what you want with your life – you must understand that human beings are being treated like economic “batteries”


…just like in the movie “The Matrix.”


Here’s the general breakdown:


Unless you were born in Palau, Liechtenstein, Brunei, BVI, or Macao – you are born as a debt slave. (That’s right! For example, you are born $250,000 in debt if you’re American!)


And believe me, your government intends to collect.


You’re born into a system where you’re told…


  • What you can and can’t put into your body
  • What you can and can’t spend your own money on
  • Where you can and can’t travel travel to
  • What to think
  • How to Behave
  • What you can and can’t say (Yes, you can be imprisoned just for SAYING the “wrong” things these days!)
  • Which “beliefs” you can and can’t have!


…Most importantly, where you must pay “taxes” to a “government” you never voted for – all under the threat of imprisonment (or worse!)


Sound about right?


Oh yeah – and I forgot the part that if you are born in the west – your government either directly, or indirectly supports brutal regimes (like Saudi Arabia) and also supports and creates terrorist groups it then uses as an excuse to invade other countries, spy on, and control its local population.


Still feel free?


Oh you were thinking I was going to say your tax dollars fund that, right?

Well, no – your tax dollars actually go to pay privately-owned central banks that create money out of thin air and loan it to your “government”…who then tax you to pay it back!


…So you’re actually busting your ass to make a very elite group of ludicrously wealthy bankers even richer.


THAT’s what’s up. This little movie sums it up quite nicely, if you have the time:


If you don’t realize it’s all a con – you’ll never get the life you want.


…Ever. Because you’ll still be asleep.


Still interested in being part of that system?


If the answer is a resounding NO (And I hope it is)


You might enjoy this podcast…I had the chance to meet up with one of the top “Truth Sayers” in the financial world….. and he held nothing back.



Join me for more “outside the system” thinking @ Anarchapulco, this Feb 19-21 in Acapulco, Mexico. And of course, The Direct Dating Summit Relationship Mastery event on Feb 22-23rd right after that!


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