How to Emancipate Women

You may have read my big post about where most guys are going wrong… One of the things I mentioned was that guys actually believe women don’t want to get laid. How ridiculous!!!

But there’s another “belief” that will hold you back even more. Choosing to believe what the “normals” believe constitutes a healthy relationship between a man and a woman. A relationship where a woman sells off exclusive access to her vagina to the highest bidder. Sound like prostitution? Yep! And that’s exactly what women have been trained to be.

And buying into this reality will have you end up like the rest of the suckers. “Competing” to get the girl by trying to impress her with how much money you can spend, or how fancy your ride is.

That’s a one way ticket to nowheresville.

But, you knew that already, didn’t you? Well just the same, I’ve just uploaded another clip from the Direct Dating Summit by Johnny Soporno I just know you’ll love.

He gets right into this topic and… let’s you know how to EMANCIPATE women – instead of enslaving them like our society does.

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