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How to Defeat Approach Anxiety FOREVER

This article is going to show how you can approach a girl without fear of rejection or failure. Soon, you’ll have the tools you need to overcome approach anxiety. You’ll finally be ready to start attracting beautiful women into your life each and every day.

Unfortunately, when most guys get started attracting women, they discover that they first need to cure approach anxiety. They see a beautiful woman and instantly feel a crippling fear that feels nearly impossible to overcome.

For some, this fear becomes too much and their approach anxiety beats them for good. Others will challenge themselves and approach women after women for weeks or months on end, hoping that it will somehow eliminate approach anxiety forever.

But as many of those guys will tell you, even after approaching 100s of girls THE APPROACH ANXIETY IS STILL THERE!

So if simply approaching tons of women isn’t enough to cure approach anxiety, what is?

After overcoming my own fear of approaching women, and helping hundreds of men across the globe do the same, I’ve been fortunate to discover what really works to overcome approach anxiety forever.

One of the biggest reasons most guys continue to get approach anxiety after making numerous approaches is that they only approach women at specific times.

Most guys who want to get good with women will go out at specified times and approach women. During those times they’ll try to pick up girls with varying degrees of success, but the rest of the time they’ll go about life as if women didn’t even exist!

As soon as their life gets busy, they feel like they don’t have time to approach and they take a break. Once they are ready to start approaching again, they’re devastated to learn that their approach anxiety is back!

There is a HUGE problem with that mindset!

When you only approach at specified times than you’re not actually making it part of who you are. You’re going out and approaching, which is great, but you’re actually limiting yourself to being the guy who only talks to people on Saturdays and Wednesdays from 5 till 8!

What happens when the girl of your dreams passes you by on a Monday?

If you’re like most guys you’ll be feeling “rusty” or “not in the mood” and simply let her pass you by. After all, you only approach on the weekends – if at all.

The guys that get REALLY GOOD with girls don’t just make approaching what they do; they make it who they are.

These are the guys who live with PASSION, they are driven by their desires and live life on their own terms. They don’t go out solely to “pick up” women, they see a beautiful girl and they talk to her, regardless of what time of day it is or where they are.

Men that overcome their approach anxiety might still feel some fear for the first approach or two, but they accept it as something that is natural and push through it anyways.

If you want to truly overcome approach anxiety you must deal with the excuses that stop you from meeting women anywhere. Excuses like:

  • “I don’t want to meet women today, I’ve got too much on my mind”
  • “I don’t have time to approach her”
  • “She’s not THAT hot anyways”
  • “I’m just not in the mood”
  • “She looks too busy, I don’t want to interrupt”

Ask yourself, are these ever really valid excuses or are you just giving in to fear?

If you really want to get comfortable in approaching a girl without fear of rejection, and how to cure approach anxiety forever, IGNORE YOUR EXCUSES.  If you see a hot girl, go up and talk to her. Surely you have at least a few minutes to find out more about her.

Maybe she is bitchy, maybe you don’t have much time, but if you really want beautiful women in your life, taking those few minutes to talk to girls throughout your day will make a massive difference in your success. And this way, you’ll overcome approach anxiety for good and never feel rusty when your ideal girl walks past.

How to create more opportunities to approach throughout the day:

Hopefully by now you realize how important it is to approach beautiful women, wherever they may be. But how do you create the opportunities while going about your busy day?

Making approaching part of who you are requires that you constantly look for beautiful women while going about your day. Here are a few examples of great places to meet girls:

  • Grocery Store – While shopping for food, shop for new girls as well. As you’re getting what you need, look for attractive women, see how far into their shopping they are, and talk to them! Say whatever feels right for you but I like making jokes about what’s in their basket. If your really crunched for time, choose the till where you can stand behind a women and talk to her while you’re queuing.
  • Restaurant – Instead of sitting wherever the hostess seats you, scan the restaurant for any attractive girls and ask to be seated next to them instead. Once there, ask which food is poisonous, talk about what’s on their plate, or say whatever else is on your mind.
  • Train/Tube – Don’t just sit down in the first carriage available. Run along the train and look for one with an attractive girl to sit next to. If no one comes up, wait till the next stop, get off, and find another carriage to find girls. This way you can get to where you’re going and get a phone number to top it off. A word of caution though – don’t be too forward in these types situations. A more casual approach is more likely to be well received in this type of closed environment.
  • The Street – Walking down the street is an awesome way to bump into some amazingly beautiful women. Talk to every hot girl you see, run after them if need be and tell them how you feel. Tell her that you’re on your way to something important and then blame her for making you late. One of my favorite things to say is “I’ve got this rule where I talk to the first gorgeous women I see every day – it makes life exciting. Hi, what’s your name?” Why not? So what if you’re going to be late 5 minutes for something? THAT’S JUST AN EXCUSE!

By just making this one habit a part of your life you can cure approach anxiety FOREVER and ultimately end up with a load of new great women in your life.

Three simple rules to maximize your results:

  1. Always leave 30 minutes early. By leaving early, you’ll have time to meet people on the way to wherever you’re going. You’ll wipe out the “I don’t have time” excuse… in fact, by leaving early you’re actually creating time just to approach – subtly forcing yourself to do so when the opportunity arises! This is a key first step to changing your life habits.
  2. Approach the first cute girl you see every day. Whether you see her through a glass window and have to tap on it to get her attention or she’s across a crowded building and you have to burst through people to talk to her – do it! This will get you into a great social mindset that you can carry on throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be a long conversation, just go up and tell her how great she looks.  By making this one simple change, I have been on more dates in the last year than most guys have in a lifetime!
  3. 3. Play an on running game. I.E hot girl tag. Never worry about not having an opening line again. Simply walk up to every hot girl you see and touch her (on the elbow you pervert!) This will force you to come up with something to say on the spot. Or, if you can’t think of anything in the moment, say “tag you’re it” and explain that you are playing a game of “hot girl tag.” Women love this!

Tell her: Another great game to play is one called “tell her.”  Whenever you’re with a friend, if one of you says anything about any woman – and you’re friend says “ “tell her” you HAVE to go and tell the woman exactly what you just said. You can even explain to women the game that you’re playing – they don’t mind!  Mix this in with punching your friend every time you spot a cute girl and this will equal meeting a LOT of new people!

These rules and habits may sound a bit daunting at first, but I GUARANTEE YOU that by implementing them into your life, you’ll never have to ask how to approach a girl without fear of rejection again. You’ll be having so much fun and meeting so many women that overcoming approach anxiety will not even cross your radar.

More importantly, you’ll finally be the type of guy that women love. A spontaneous, fun, social guy that goes after what he wants and isn’t stuck in a boring routine.

So go out there and live your life.

Don’t set a time to meet women.

Make meeting women a part of who you are…. You won’t regret it!

Booooom shaka laka!! ;)


Sasha is Europe’s top direct daygame instructor … and runs the most intense and personalized daygame bootcamps in the world. He’s usually in London but travels back and forth between North America and Europe regularly. For information on his programs, check out the training page

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