How to be happy – the secret to creating lasting happiness

I know, I know. If ONLY I could sum it up in one sentence.

I can. Ready?

The secret to lasting happiness is not caring what other people think about you.

Or let’s use this sentence:

You can never please everyone – but you can please the only person that matters. Yourself.

or how about:

The only person who’s happiness you can control is your own. Focus on that. Anyone’s else’s happiness is their business – and a waste of your time.

What your ego thinks = doesn’t matter
What random people think = doesn’t matter
What Society thinks = doesn’t matter
What your co-workers think = doesn’t matter
What your parents think = doesn’t matter

They aren’t you. It’s not their life – it’s YOURS.

Each day spend trying to please others is a day wasted you could have lived making yourself happy.

I had one student who’s parents wanted him to have an arranged marriage. He suffered, then suffered some more. Then one day he woke up and told his parents if they weren’t interested in allowing him to pursue HIS happiness he wasn’t interesting in having a relationship with them. He disowned them, just as they disowned him.

Now – he fucks, and does as he likes. And he’s happy.

It doesn’t matter how “close” people are to you – if they don’t want you happy, they’re not your friend.


Anyways: I just put up this clip talking about how to be happy, enjoy it! And would it kill you to leave a comment? :D


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