How to be happy – the secret to creating lasting happiness

I know, I know. If ONLY I could sum it up in one sentence.

I can. Ready?

The secret to lasting happiness is not caring what other people think about you.

Or let’s use this sentence:

You can never please everyone – but you can please the only person that matters. Yourself.

or how about:

The only person who’s happiness you can control is your own. Focus on that. Anyone’s else’s happiness is their business – and a waste of your time.

What your ego thinks = doesn’t matter
What random people think = doesn’t matter
What Society thinks = doesn’t matter
What your co-workers think = doesn’t matter
What your parents think = doesn’t matter

They aren’t you. It’s not their life – it’s YOURS.

Each day spend trying to please others is a day wasted you could have lived making yourself happy.

I had one student who’s parents wanted him to have an arranged marriage. He suffered, then suffered some more. Then one day he woke up and told his parents if they weren’t interested in allowing him to pursue HIS happiness he wasn’t interesting in having a relationship with them. He disowned them, just as they disowned him.

Now – he fucks, and does as he likes. And he’s happy.

It doesn’t matter how “close” people are to you – if they don’t want you happy, they’re not your friend.


Anyways: I just put up this clip talking about how to be happy, enjoy it! And would it kill you to leave a comment? :D


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  • Matt says:

    I think what Sasha wrote about is one part of the story; There are two extremes; A)constantly trying to please everyone around you and B) only working for yourself. Any action lies within these two extremes, some more on the one side, some more on the other. Acting too much towards one of the extremes is bad, in the end it’s all balance. But most guys i think are shifted towards the “trying to please everyone” end of the scale, so a speech like Sasha’s is sometimes needed to bring balance. But acting conform to this mantra ALL THE TIME would not be good, true wisdom is to know when to be audicious and when to be humble. Only a sith deals in absolutes.

    • Admin says:

      I agree but when 90% of people are being fucked over by the SAME THING – it’s easier and more effective to spit out absolutes.

      E.G Most guys are pussies and do what OTHER people want them to do

      E.G Most people ignore their health and eat shit

      E.G Most guys suck in bed…. etc etc ;)

  • Kevin says:

    I loved the video. Dude i just loved it, not that it’s life changing or anything, it actually tells me that most of the time i still care about people’s opinion.
    And thanks for the examples you’ve given, really made it easier for my brain to process it. Anyways good luck with your project now, and yes i’m still waiting for you in Sydney and i hope you can come sooner than next winter??!!

  • mohinder says:

    Your right, I don’t yet and i’m working on it. But i’m flattered and appreciative of your interest

    But asking yourself why you are held back by the opinions of people you don’t even know is a question worth investigating and getting to the root of.

  • mohinder says:

    The secret to lasting happiness is self acceptance. Self acceptance not contingent on anything outside yourself. Or about yourself if you want to be truly congruent about it. Not caring what other people think about you is a big part in realising that as a truth.

  • Em says:

    this is flawed advice.

    what about your boss or your customer who are the source of your income?

    do you think you can go around the world not caring about what they think as well??

    • Admin says:

      Clearly YOU don’t think that ;)
      There’s no black and white. Common sense applies to all things, but most guys are held back by the opinions of people they don’t even know. That’s the primary point I’m making here….

  • Todor says:

    “Anyone’s else’s happiness is their business – and a waste of your time.”

    Interesting, I just came up with a similar idea recently but worded it a bit differently “Your happiness is not my responsibility.”
    I’ll try to make people happy but if they take it the wrong way or prefer to be miserable … then cool, it wasn’t my responsibility anyway :)

  • Paul says:

    I’ve finally got that mindset had a breakthrough Saturday…Even approached a 8 set got blown out and didn’t care!! Kept approaching more girls!!!

  • Naor says:

    This is great. You are great.

    Thank you!!!

  • Brian says:

    Woops that comment was meant to go in the Vitaly video, I was watching two videos and it went to his one.

  • Brian says:

    Lmao. Love how the mum was there and you still went for the kiss even though she told you she had a bf, that’s ballsy.
    The other thing is Vitaly even said in one his less viewed videos that he did it to hundreds of girls before putting the video up, so he put in only the really good kiss interactions before putting it up, but you might be right they could be actors, you never know. But I’m sure if any guy did hundreds there would be some really good responses, it’s all a numbers game.

  • Michael says:

    I fucking LOVE these posts from Sasha!!

  • Atama says:

    awesome talk that is the kind of mind set I’m tring to get.

  • Louis says:

    A totally agree with your speech, BUT I am concerned it could encourage stupid people to be even more ignorant.

    Rules need to be challenged and often to be broken, but before somebody goes ahead and does it, he has to know those rules.

    Otherwise it’s just another justification for misbehaving like a moron.

    • Admin says:

      I agree, common sense needs to apply. But if acting like a moron means doing what makes you happy, we need more morons – not less!

  • Matt says:

    My philosophy is: it is none of my business what people say of me, and think of me.

    I am what I am, and do what I do.

    I expect nothing, and accept everything.

    It makes life so much easier.

    -Anthony Hopkins

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