How to Automatically Attract the Perfect Partner – with Steve Pavlina

So a few weeks ago I recorded what I consider to be *easily* one of the best podcasts I’ve ever done, on the topic of connection.


Steve Pavlina is one of the world’s most successful self-help bloggers, and a bad ass when it comes to really living the authentic life.


If you get to know Steve like I have – you can see that he really just does what he wants to do.


His whole lifestyle revolves around growth, adventure, and enjoyment.

His mindset on how to attract the right type of women is EPIC.


When I hear it, all I can think is, ‘FUCK YEAH!!!’


Ironically this was filmed in the of one of the least authentic places in the world – Las Vegas.

You’re going to listen to this podcast.


You’re going to listen to it again.


Then you’re going to fuck it.


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