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How to approach a girl: Part 3 of 3

Hey guys! Welcome to the finale of the guide!

Another type of opener is so powerful and so simple it’s almost ridiculous. It’s called HONESTY.

Specifically, in relation to direct openers.

This can be any thought that you think in the moment (i.e a situation opener) such as “hey, that’s the coolest button ever!” but in this case I’m really talking about something genuine. If it doesn’t seem that way, you’ll just be told “it’s just a line”

A lot of guys find their first girl of the day the most difficult to open. How about this:

“Hey I’ve got this rule where I approach the first really cute girl I see. And today, it’s you. There’s no prize or anything. You just get to me meet. Hi, I’m Sasha”

Isn’t that an awesome opener? I just LOVE it! It’s so simple. It’s so GENUINE. And it’s funny!! And direct, too. It’s everything!

If you’re really nervous – tell her!

“Hey. Oh you don’t know me – but I saw you and from over there and I though you were soo cute. And I was nervous about coming up to you. And I’ve got this rule where I do anything that makes me nervous. So… hello there, bringer of fear. How are you?”

Same as above… but if you bring up the fact that you’re nervous when you seem, in fact, nervous it’s congruent. You’ve pre-framed her, she can’t say “you seem nervous!” as you’ve already said it.

This kind of an opener shows weakness/tenderness, it’s real, it’s honest. You will never get blown out harshly when you say something like this to a girl. What kind of complete bitch would turn you out for being sincere with her in this way? I don’t want to get to know that type of girl anyways. Would you?

If you’re going to say something genuine that sounds like a line… say you see a girl who you truly believe is the hottest girl you’ve ever seen in the world, you can tell her that. But add in “ok, I know this sounds like a line, but … you are truly the hottest girl I have ever seen!”

It will come off as genuine because it is. Not only that, she can’t say it sounds like a line, you’ve already said it. It’s kind of like a pre-frame. Let me just delve into that for a moment. What exactly is a pre-frame and how can it help you in pick up?

A great example is this: One comic on the London circuit has a massive nose. First thing he does is walk on stage and just let the crowed laugh at his nose. He looks left, right, every which way so that everyone can get a look. Then he says “Don’t you hate it, how in pictures, on certain angles, your nose just looks really big?”

Now nobody can heckle him about his big nose – he’s already beat them to the punch!

If it’s genuine, AND you use the pre-frame, there’s nothing she can say but say thanks … and it’s much more likely to be taken as a genuine compliment. Then you just have to transition into your hook story…

So, if you’re really short your opener might involve a joke about that. Then you’ve acknowledged that you’re short, and also shown that you are ok with it. You’ve shown that you’ve got a sense of humour! You’ve turned dis-advantage into advantage!

On occasion (for the stonking hot women) I’ll go super funny/honest/direct

I’ll tell girls they’re so hot they should be in jail.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing walking around looking that GOOD? Guys are going to be smashing their cars up checking you out, fighting each other on the streets! ARE YOU CRAZY! They’ll be rioting out there!! And you’re making yourself look ever HOTTER on PURPOSE?? Are you crazy! Loose the make up, at least! Put a paper bag over your head when you leave the house! You’re a MENACE TO SOCIETY!! YOU SHOULD BE BEHIND BARS where you can’t cause harm! What the hell is a MATTER with you, woman!??

Again – if you don’t think she’s fucking gorgeous don’t even attempt that move. But if it comes from the heart – why not? It will feel good getting if off your chest!

Whoa! I seem to be going on and on… Maybe it’s time to bring this baby to a conclusion.

Be honest. Be original. Be bold. BE FUN!!!!

I can sum it up in one quote.

“Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

Oh wait, that quote had nothing to do with it.

“A man can be happy with any woman, as long as he does not love her.”

No wait, that wasn’t it….

“It’s better to burn out, than to fade away!!”

Wait hang on. I’m just getting goofy now. Maybe I got caught up in the moment!

Or maybe I was just having fun! I’ll let you guys decide. :P

Thanks for reading… I hope you enjoyed reading Sasha’s semi ultimate daygame opening guide as much as I did writing it!

p.s The next time you see a girl that’s so hot she made you shit your pants, tell her! She may be more receptive than you think! ;)

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