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How to approach a girl: Part 2 of 3

Last time I covered some popular “non-game” openers that should be avoided. In this part, let’s get started on what DOES work! Now, as promised, here’s my little recipe…

Key ingredients in a Direct Daygame Opener:

  1. Getting her attention straight away
  2. letting her know she’s hot
  3. having fun with it
  4. being in the moment
  5. being non-outcome dependent

Now let’s go through those…

A. Getting her attention.

So getting her attention right away I’ve mentioned already. This is a very important point. You bore her, she walks away. It’s that simple.

B. Letting her know she’s hot

The next point is letting her know she’s hot. Again, once I found direct there was no going back for me – I absolutely love it. In some situations it will work against you, perhaps. But for daygame pickup I think it’s tremendous and cuts out a lot of bullshit. It saves you time also. If the woman just isn’t up for it, she’ll tell you.

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C. Having fun with it

This is probably THE most important thing for me in ANY pickup. If you’re not having fun, what are you doing talking to this woman?? Sure if you’re going purely direct and approaching her for sex, that can work. That DOES work. But that is much more advanced stuff and for most guys not the best place to start day game. By having FUN with your pickups you can get in state and really ENJOY the whole experience. Even if you want to be super direct, being entertaining along the way can be a great help!

D. Being in the moment.

This amounts to two things. First, just going with whatever comes into your head. If you want to say something, it’s probably the right thing to say. Don’t hold back. Don’t be scared to offend or scare the woman off. Obviously if you keep saying the same things that you feel like saying and those aren’t working it maybe be time to figure out what you’re doing wrong and change that. But, as a rule, don’t be scared to say what’s on your mind. Secondly, it means really LISTENING to what the girl is saying… I have this problem myself. The girl is talking, and I get all these ideas of where I could take things next and I blurt them out. It’s try hard… so really LISTEN! If you had something good to say you’ll probably remember it when she stops talking! If you need a moment to recall, just stall! You can get your mouth moving before your brain catches up! E.g “Wow that’s really interesting what you were saying about dolphins…..” (It will come back to you!)

E. Being non outcome dependent.

If you’re only talking to the girl with the intent of trying to get her number, she’ll be able to tell… your outcome should be to have an interesting conversation. To get to know her! If you really take interest in HER and THAT is the reason you’re getting her number – well that’s a different story!! So don’t worry about getting those digits. Worry about enjoying the MOMENT!!

Let’s look at some of my favorite openers and why they are effective. Shall we start with an easy one?

“Heeeey… (look of recognition/confusion) … I don’t know you at all, do I? Hi, I’m Sasha.”

This one certainly grabs their attention. Once they realize what you’re doing those girls with a sense of humor will appreciate the cheekiness of it. It’s simple and effective. This one is great because you can easily let her know that you fancy her after it – “Alright. It’s all a lie. I saw you from over there – I though you were so cute and I just had to come talk to you”

Another version involves saying “ok, I see you’re trying to recognize me. Don’t worry, you don’t know me! I just thought you were really cute and I thought I’d come over and meet you. My name is …..”

But for guys who prefer going indirect – you can transition to whatever you like from here. For example “Hey! I see you’re trying to recognize me – Don’t worry, you don’t know me. Hi, I’m Sasha. Who are you? …

Here’s one of my favorites! Probably to this day the most effective opener I’ve (as far as I know) come up with. It’s so good I actually kept it secret for a while….

Sasha “Hey, I think you owe me an apology….”

HB “Why….?”

Sasha “You made me run all the way from that (wherever) over there to tell you that I think you are absolutely stunning….

“I’m a lazy guy. I’m there chilling with my friends. I didn’t want to have to run, I’m allergic to running, haha!”

This is a very powerful opener.

Do you see why? When is the last time do you think this gorgeous woman had a stranger walk up to her and tell her that she owed him an apology for being so hot? It’s pretty ballsy. It’s outrageous, it’s funny – but most importantly – It’s DIFFERENT!!!

As soon as you say “Excuse me, I think you owe me an apology” they are shocked and think they’ve bumped into you or stepped on your foot or something…. In Britain this is doubly as effective with English girls as everyone is brought up to be ultra polite. They always ask why… (in a way in kind of lowers their value like a shotgun neg, because they think they’ve messed up somehow – however this is unintentional as my goal was just to get them to STOP!)

Then you hit them with a genuine compliment it blows their minds. I’ve had great success stopping girls on the street this way.

Also, this opener is DIRECT – you’re telling them that they are HOT! Right there in the beginning… and THEN you’re being funny! (I’m allergic to running!) Not only that, you’re mentioning your friends (value) and also you’re sub communicating a LOT here. You CHASED after her. You’re a man who GOES AFTER what he wants. Do you see that? I love it!

Ok guys, that’s enough for now! I don’t want your heads to explode from all the giggles! I hope you enjoyed part two! In part three: Honesty in openers. Yea, you heard me! You’re going to be telling women the one thing you thought it might be better to avoid. THE TRUTH!!



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