Sasha Daygame in defeat aa forever

How I defeated my AA forever

My new article was posted on cliff’s list yesterday!!

It’s called “How I defeated AA Forever!” … we just named that to get people’s attention. The real name was .. .shit i can’t even remember now.

The article is about not seeing “Sarging” as something you do in real life… its’ about incorporating meeting girls into your every day affairs. it’s some good work. you can check out the latest issue of cliff’s list here:

Apparently one pua with a blog liked it so much he’s already posted the article into his blog. I guess that’s good for me, right? Free publicity!! So, for future reference if any of you guys wanna post my shit up somewhere like your blog, that’s fine. Just let me know if you stick it somewhere funky like a forum or somethin’ – But it’s all good. I wanna get the message out to as many guys as possible….

Oh, finally i’ve got my website looking slightly better. Oh yeah. and I’ve got an article section up on my site… It’s got a few up now, but eventually it will have all of my musings on there, which is pretty cool. I know it’s still a cheese site, but take a look and let me know what you think! It’s …. i’ve got a proper web developer who’s gonna do something soon which is good. he said to me “yea your website looks good. For 1998” … hahahaha



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  • Stepnup says:
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  • Sasha Pua says:


    FUCK YOU ANONYMous!! hehe

    Cool – yea thanks. i was proud of this one… also it's got my new "hot girl" tag concept. i'm gonna be doing a bit of that this week with a friend here in Toronto. Should be a good time!

  • Anonymous says:

    great article on approach anxiety, sasha

    your best friend,


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