Sasha Daygame in hot yoga

Hot Yoga + Winding up the neighbours

Went out to the shops yesterday wearing my black manwhore™ track pants, brooks blue running shoes, and really crazy red furry jacket. No particular reason – just to wind up the locals really. It’s funny how hard people try and not look. U can see them trying so hard on their face. Awesome.

Today, I went to my 3rd session of yot yoga. Fuck, that’s brutal. I made it through my first class without leaving the room. I got cocky, then pushed myself too hard on my 2nd class and almost died. Seriously – I was going to pass out so I had to leave the room 2/3ds way thru the class, like a bitch. I made friends with the girls working there though but poking fun at myself talking about how I was talking shit about how I was a boss, for making in thru the first time.  Oh, they gave me a free cocunut juice to make me feel better. WINNING.

Anyways today I really focused on my breating and juuust about made it through the whole thing. I got realy dizzy and left with like 10 minutes left in the class. DAMN IT!!!

There are a lot of similarities between Getting good at Yoga and PU – I’ve thought about this before, but I’ll write about this shortly. Gotta get better at it first – I still have faaar to go.

Oh, we went back to the flat wearing just our underpants and funny t-shirts. Well, I wore a funny t-shirt, and partypony wear a black shirt as usual. Here’s a pic.

No reason really – just to wind up the poshies in the neighbourhood. (I live in a fancy neighbourhood – hence anything out of the ordinary is about 5x funnier than it would be in a normal neighbourhood)




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