Sasha Daygame & Cajun

Hello Cajun, Goodbye Cajun!

Good bye Cajun! That’s right. My ooooooooooo’l buddy Cajun was staying over with me for the last 5 days. For those of you who aren’t aware, my fated meeting with Cajun on a bus in 2006 dramatically changed my life forever. We dicked around a bit, have some interesting chats about the nature of the universe and stuff. He’s a thinker you know. Sure, he looks like a pothead. But he’s a thinker. We did take a couple of funny pics. Shit, I just realized I never put up the freaking images of the LAST time he came round in November!!! FUCK!! I’m lazy, but if you gus harass me to put shit up, I’ll do it ;) hehe

ALright here’s the pics (from this trip)


Cajun and Sasha:Pua Gangsters!


Sasha is Ghey:Cajun is not

Cajun felt shit so didn’t make it to my comedy last night, which sucked.

We met up with my ol’ pal Keychain as well, got some food and then went back and chilled at Keychain’s house for a bit. I’d never hung out with both of them at once before, it was cool! They are both really awesome dudes! I won’t see Cajun for a while now, but his crazy spirit is always with me. In a heterosexual way.



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