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“Hanger on” girls – WTF?

Hanger on girls

So, something I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks. I’ve met a couple of girls who obviously want to sleep with me, but they won’t fuck me. But they’ll keep coming up to me whenever they see me and tryin to talk to me. I’ll use this one girl as an example. Let’s call her bigboob midget.

I met bigboob midget once…. As I messing around being goofy and she was in my presence. WE didn’t talk much.

Then, a few days later she comes up to me and tells me she saw me that time, being goofy, and that we’d before. Ok. We talk for a while, and she’s giving me the “I want to fuck” puppy eyes. I suggest we get giggy with it, but she just ignores it. I say goodbye

Next day I run into her in this bar. She’s all over me, wants to talk. She won’t leave me alone. I suggest we go back to mine. She says she can’t, she there with someone. I ask her if it’s a guy she’s hooking up with and she says no. I ask if she has a BF and she says no. I ask why we can’t hook up and she says she has stuff to do. I go home

Next day she shows up at my comedy gig. I try it again. She says no, while giving me the fuck me eyes. I decide she’s a time waster

2 days later, she stops me again. Same deal, asking me how I am and staring at me with the puppy eyes.  I ask if she wants to hook up, she says she has a waiting list of guys. I’m like “I don’t care! Do u want to hook up or not?” nope….

Next day, she’s clinging on to me again. What the FUCK???

This other girl I met ages ago is doing the same shit. WE met up. We get on great. She has a BF – TELLS me she doesn’t like him that much. But she doesn’t want to cheat. Ok. I leave her alone. Once she asks to do lunch, we do. It’s fine…. She suggest once day we may hook up and we should “keep in touch”

Now she’s texting me/chatting me on FB. She told me they keep breaking up and then just fucking cuz they’re horny. Great.  I suggested a day to meet, she says can’t do that day, I’ll let you know. Then nothing for 2 weeks, then she FB’s me saying “you never call me”

What the fuck is this? Seems like she wants to fuck, but she doesn’t want to break from the safety of ex boyfriend sex or whatever…. I’m trying to decide between calling her and asking her out once last time – or – sending a brutally honest message that says “either you want to hook up, or stop wasting my time”

Will do one of those and report back.

But overall – what is going on with these girls? IF you don’t want to hook up, fuck off.

Why are you wasting my time? You know I want to fuck. I’ve made it clear, I want to fuck. I don’t want to hang around and chat to you when I run into you (or just get a text message from you once in a while, about making plans which never materialize) …

Is there something wrong with me? I don’t want to have dumb ass smalltalk with hot girls anymore. I don’t care. If I find them truly fascinating, sure.  Love to hang out. Still I’m going to sleep with them though. If they aren’t interested in sex – and they’re not fascinating – I’m not going to hang around for them to change their mind.

Has anyone else had these type of “hanger on” girls before? Where all their body lanuguage is saying “fuck me now” but their telling you “nah, I don’t want to fuck” … I guess this Is where “game” comes in and you “get” them in bed. I don’t do any of that shit though. I don’t want to. I’d rather just say “you know what, call me when you want to get together – stop wasting my time”

I’m being massively influenced by David X and Allan Rodger Currie as of late. I just can’t be asked with the small talk. It eats a piece of my soul. If I see a hot girl, I want to ask her out on a date straight away and either get rejected, or have her start chatting to me (which means it’s a maybe) and we’re away.  I can’t take the yippity yap no more.

I’ve started to get better at seeing which girls are just ready for sex right away. There’s quite a few of them out there. Probably as high as 1 in 10 girls. They are just – ready for sex. You still have to have good game to pull it off, but it can be done.

Logistics are everything. If you game near your flat – you should be able to bring girls back there…. Bounce for a coffee / question game – get sexual / back to yours.  The ultimate truth is simply this; If you can’t sleep with a girl – don’t’ bother escalating.

She’ll feel like a ho and you’ll never see her again. Have a good time, get them back to your PLACE – then escalate.  They know there’s a possibility of sex if they agree to come to your place. No matter what reason you give – they know.

Fuck it, I’m going to write a “golden rules of game” article. Oh yeah.


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