Goodbye Sasha – My Retirement

Well, you knew it all had to end eventually!


That’s right: Sasha Daygame will no longer be teaching PUA/Seduction bootcamps after this year.


I’ve had a truly remarkable journey this last 10 years. I’ve met some AMAZING people thru my teaching. I changed a lot of people’s realities…and lives. At one point, nothing excited me more than teaching live weekend bootcamps.


But, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m far more interested in other things…


Certainly if you listen to my podcasts, you know what I’m all about.


For me, teaching guys entails helping guys discover and live their passion.


It entails educating yourself and pushing yourself to constantly improve.


It entails figuring out what’s truly holding you back deep down in your psyche – and rooting it out.


It’s about learning how to truly live a healthy lifestyle. It entails building a lifestyle that allows you to go wherever you want, whenever you want, and spend time with who you want in places where you want to be.


It entails discovering who you really are, and becoming your best self.


That’s what I mean about being a total man.


So, the content I’ll be creating will be much more in line with being a balanced, successful man… rather than about just picking up women!



You can see how running around the streets, hitting on women just isn’t in line with that anymore.


And hey – I’m 37 years old. I don’t wanna be a 40 year old daygamer! I’ve seen some of those guys running around and…. It’s not always pretty to look at :P


Don’t panic though! I’m not quitting the biz. And I’m certainly not going to stop sending you emails, writing articles or filming videos. I’m simply moving away from teaching “Seduction” ….. That just ain’t me anymore.


However, this shift will give me more time to focus on the things I’m truly passionate about.


I’ll be able to help our Direct Dating Academy members achieve their goals, and I’ll be doing more live events where we’ll be covering all aspects of being a successful, balanced, powerful man.



So, when it comes to weekend ‘PUA bootcamps’ I’ll leave those to my amazing team…


They really are exceptional people… and I will continue ensuring our live programs remain the best in the industry.


I shall continue doing longer, more intensive and holistic programs, but all future coaching I do will be focused on higher-level stuff – helping guys achieve overall success and happiness.


So: For all you guys that have thought “Eh, I’m gonna take a bootcamp with Sasha… one day” … your time is up.


You have 5 programs to choose from before you’ll miss out forever! To make these last programs special, I’ve even added an extra day of training to all of the weekend programs. So you’ll get 50% more time at no extra cost.


Here are the dates:


Vancouver: May 7th for 3 days with Me + Marcus

San Diego: June 6th for 2 weeks with Me + Hypnotica (Extreme 2 week long program!)

New York: July 9th for 3 days or immersion course over 7 days with Me + Mike Diretto

London: Sept 24th for 3 days with Me, Ryan + Marcus

Budapest: Oct 8 for 3 days with Me + Marcus



You might be thinking:


“Sasha’s just saying he’s quitting teaching so everyone goes and buys a bootcamp and he’ll be rich!!! IT’s a bluff!!!”


Uhhhh nope. This is it. 2016 is my last year, period.


…You’ve been warned!


So, if you’re serious about getting on one and seeing what I do (for the last time!)


…just fill out this form and one of my team will reach out to discuss your training options.


Hope to see some of you on those last programs.


…. But I’m even more excited about seeing you guys join me in what’s coming next.


More on that very soon….








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