Sasha Daygame in eating boney fish

Getting through your sticking points is like eating boney fish

So, as this very moment I’m enjoying a delicious piece of smoked mackeral – with some buckwheat and vegetables. MMM. Now, this Mackeral has some bones in it. I’ve been dealin’ with ’em as I get through this tasty fish… and I thought “This is a great analogy for getting through ones’ sticking points.”

You can’t eat the fish with all its bones, it doesn’t work. The question isn’t whether you’ll be able to eat the fish. Of course you will eat it eventually – you just have to get all the bones out. But it takes time. Mainly it depends on two things… how many bones there, and how good you are at taking them out. If you’re not very good (or there are a lot) you just have to slow down and pick ’em out one at a time – or you’ll choke on ’em.

The same can be said for sticking points. You gotta get ’em one at a time, you gotta slow down, you gotta enjoy the process of finding ’em and eating those little bits of fish you get once you clear ’em.

Pretty good analogy, I think!!! Or, I’m gay. One of those two.


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