Sasha Daygame in getting laid during bootcamp

Getting laid DURING bootcamp! Awesome!!

Alright well…. My bootcamps usually go pretty well for students. Some end up with girlfriends a couple of months after… some go and dates random girls….. but overall everyone walks away with some solid social skills. But, this is a new high point for SashaPua â„¢ bootcamps. We were just wrapping up our 3rd session…. Saying our goodbyes.  Me and the 2 guys are having a chat, and (let’s just call him “Hispanic Lover” or HL for short) goes and chats up a girl that’s just passed us. I think nothing of it as he’s been chasing tail all day. 2 mins later he comes over and says “Hey, these are my friends…. Me and (hbhispanic) are going to go for a coffee, so see you guys later! … I say to her as he leaves “Take good care of him, he’s awesome!”

Anywho, I go home and I’m working on my shit. Around 1.30am I though “hmm… he never texted anything… wonder what’s going on there” ….

Around 2am he calls my phone. I’m think “He got laid” … and yep ,he got laid. I told him to call me on skype so I could have the conversation recorded.  Hehe… So, here it is!


This wasn’t no frumpy girl either… She was cute, with a smokin’ body. Sigh.

I’m happy.


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