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Get What You Wanted Out Of The Game

I was just thinking about how so many people seem to get lost in the game. They’re not happy with where they’re at – and they’re not (seemingly) taking the needed steps to get to where they want to be! Why is this so?

I was also reflecting on my own needs and desires. Although I will always be on a journey to improve myself, and that I still have a long way to go with women – overall I’ve achieved what I wanted to when I set out ravaging the streets of London in 2007.

It began when I was a teenager. I was tired of not approaching all of the countless, beautiful women I was I was seeing all over the place. Everywhere I went I saw cute girls. School, book shops, parties, walking around. They were just everywhere – and I couldn’t approach any of them. It was just not in my reality.

I remember thinking… “If only I could just come up to those girls and ask them out on a date. I wonder how many of them would say yes? I’m a nice guy – I bet a lot of them would have said yes, if only I’d just tried.” I thought this over and over again – but I hardly approached any of the girls. Years later I remember thinking to myself that if I could just get the courage to approach the girls that I liked, I would be happy.

For me – it wasn’t the idea of having lots of sex with various women that led me to get into game. It was the need to prove to myself that I could conquer this fear that I had… I didn’t want to be a super stud. I just wanted to GET OVER IT and stop living in fear… That’s it! And today I’ve realized that I actually reached that goal quite a while ago!

I was thinking how… I’ve sort of forgotten how far I’ve come. There’s always something I’m moaning about. Whether it’s girls flaking, or finding more amazing girls, or whatever…. I’ve forgotten that I’ve already gotten what I’ve wanted from this whole thing. I can approach anyone, anyplace, anytime. No more fear, no more excuses, no more feeling sorry for myself. I DID IT!!! And I did it on my own terms. I did it the old school way – by going out there and failing until I succeeded.

So, to every single one of you that has made the decision to get better with women – ask yourself this one question:

Have I reached my original, specific goal I wanted to attain when I made the decision to improve in this area?

If the answer is yescongratulations! You’ve reached your goal! (If you’re still running around hitting on 20 girls per day – you might want to think about what that is. Are you just trying to prove to yourself how great with women you are? Are you trying to prove it to other guys? Because those are shitty reasons!)

If the answer is no, consider these factors;

Are you still interested in pursuing your original goal, or has it changed? Maybe you’ve outgrown that goal and you really want something else? Ask yourself how much closer to achieving your goal you are then when you started your journey. Ask yourself: Have I been progressing towards my goal at a rate which is satisfactory? What things could I do that would help be get to my goal faster and more efficiently? What am I willing to do to get those things?

Take some time to ponder these questions… get a pen out and write down some of your thoughts.

Now, here comes the important stuff:

Ask yourself: What’s the next step?

And even more importantly: When are you going to do the next step?

Hint: To quote Tony Robbins “When is NOW going to be a good time?”

Remember, you’re either growing, or shrinking as a human being. If you’re not making progress, it’s TIME FOR A CHANGE. Have a look at some of the ideas you’ve written down and as yourself: which of these options is simplest and fastest to put into motion? And then, GO for it!

Here’s an added tip for you: Call a friend and tell them your new action plan. Or even better, email a few friends and tell them your action plan and exactly when you’re going to put it into place. That way, you’ll have no choice but to go through with it! The most important thing is that you are always trying, changing it up, and always moving forward.

Remember the old adage “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

I hope you’re all well on your way….. and if not, consider some more personal training to get you going.



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