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Get to Sex FAST with Girls: The Secrets of Step-Skipping

YOO! So, this is my first ever guest post by another fellah. This article has some *really* good tips. For reals. Read it ;)


All right, I’m writing for Sasha’s blog here, and if you fellas know Sasha like I know Sasha, he’s a fun-loving dude, and a man who makes no qualms about how much he likes to get to sex with sexy women, and get to it FAST!

So in the spirit of the style of the articles he usually gets up here, I wanted to get one up like this to share with you a few of my OWN tried-and-true tips and techniques for helping you skip steps, not waste time, and take that cute girl who’s been staring at you like a piece of meat on a whirlwind tour… straight to your bedroom.

She’ll love it! And I’m pretty sure you’ll love it too. Anyway, shoot me an email or something to say “thanks” after you land some hottie by using some of the stuff in this post, all right?

So anyway, let’s get on with the show – how you can get to sex fast and skip some steps that all those other poor cats out there are spending hours… or days… or WEEKS on (too bad for them).


Step-Skipping: A Philosophy

When you first start picking up girls, you don’t really have a strategy. It’s just kind of like, “Okay, I’m going to go meet a girl, and hope she likes me.” And then once you DO meet a girl and she DOES like you, you end up kind of twiddling your thumbs and thinking, “All right, I did great! …now what?” until she gets annoyed and goes away.

Whoops, lost another one.

Then, as you get better at game, you start to get it all figured out: you know that after she starts asking you questions, showing interest, giving you compliance, getting more invested in the interaction, and all that, you can move to the next stage.

Just keep ramping those things up – more compliance, more involvement by her, more kino… and gradually, you can pick your way through the process.

But… is that as good as it gets? Learn the signs, learn the rules, and follow them like religion… is that the pinnacle of game?

Well, as you can probably tell just by reading almost any post Sasha has on here where he’s talking about some chick he pulled, the answer is clearly… no.

What is it the advanced guys are doing then? There must be a secret to those fast pickups that make it look so easy, when for everyone else it’s so hard.

That was the question I was asking myself maybe 3 1/2 years ago, when I was solidly performing in game, but it was still a lot of work. I knew I had to be able to crack whatever it was my really talented friends were doing that let them pickup pretty girls and get to sex with them so quick.

And then, after spending enough time around them, after watching them pick up and pull, after seeing how it went inside and out… I cracked it.

And I started doing it myself.

And I realized that a lot of those STEPS I learned while learning game… steps that I found were CRUCIAL for me to get to sex with any given girl… steps that became my Holy Bible of game… could be skipped.

It was kind of like tearing everything out of the Bible but the Torah. All of a sudden, all the rest of that stuff that happens over and above the foundations just don’t matter that much.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Just how fast are these fast pickups, exactly?


What a Fast Lay Looks Like

You see her at the bar. Eye contact. You know right away she likes you. She knows right away you like her.

You move in. Say your “hellos.” Some brief conversation. But the conversation’s not all that engaging… it’s not really going anywhere.

She doesn’t want to talk.

So you give her a command: “Let’s go sit.” You go and sit. Touch each other a bit. Talk a little… but really, there’s not much to say. So, you test her compliance a bit… she’s sky high. This much compliance, this early? But no conversation?

Whatever she’s been up to tonight, she’s horny as hell right now, and you’re the man she wants.

You’ve only been talking to her for 5 or 10 minutes. Standard game practices say you should sit there and talk to her for at least another 30, 40, 50 minutes before you do anything too extreme… and even then, you should probably bounce her to another bar first.

Nuh-uh. This girl’s ready to go. If you try and take her through standard slow game processes, she’s going to get fed up and leave.

Horny. Compliance is hot. No conversation.

Well, you could dance with her. Feel each other up on the dance floor.

Or you could just pull her right now.

These were the kind of pickups I was witnessing friends do, and they were the ones I started doing… once I stopped caring whether I got the girl or not.

And I realized that’s key. You see, most guys who are kinda good:

  • Move relatively slowly and cautiously – they don’t want to mess things up
  • Follow their processes to the letter, and those processes are long
  • Are afraid of losing the girl they’re talking to… especially if she likes them

That last one’s the deathblow for fast pickups. You can’t get to sex fast if you don’t ask for sex fast.

And guys who are scared of losing a girl never ask for sex fast.

But why? Because then maybe they won’t get her.

But why’s that matter so much? You’ll get a lot more if you ask for it than you will if you don’t.

I think what happens is that even for intermediate guys, getting a girl who clearly likes them feels like a somewhat infrequent occasion. I mean, a guy will get girls talking to him… but that girl that you can feel is really hot for you… how often does that happen?

If you’re intermediate, the answer is not too often, and there are a few reasons why:

  1. Intermediate guys aren’t sexy. They’ve rarely worked on that part of their game yet. Usually they’ve put a lot more focus on verbal game (what they say) and technical game (what they do) than on developing automated stuff and fundamentals like an amazing walk, great voice tone, and an irresistible sexy vibe. Even though that last stuff is the stuff that propels your results with women forward the most. Guys need to go through the process of learning the weaker stuff before they start working on the stronger though, usually.
  2. Intermediate guys are cautious. Don’t be fooled – just because you’re good at approaching strangers doesn’t mean you’ve thrown caution to the wind. Chances are, you’ve got a set process you follow, and you are loathe to abandon it. It’s taken you a long time to work out, and it’s the thing you’ve found that works best… you’re not just going to throw out years of hard work and use “bad game” like trying to pull a girl too quick just because she seems a little horny, are you? Surely that won’t work! But sometimes, it’s exactly what you need to be doing, and being overly cautious about sticking to your stuff can rob you of the chance to get a girl who digs you and cause her to move on fast.
  3. Intermediate guys approach the wrong girls. Getting good at target selection takes time, and it takes a lot of approaching and a lot of field experience. Intermediate guys often think it’s hard to meet a girl that’s into them because they spend most of their time approaching the wrong women – women who aren’t into them, women whom they aren’t into all that much (and that makes a big difference in how the seduction’s conducted), or women who are overly distracted or in a poor situation to be picked up from. As you move from intermediate to advanced though, your targeting system gets crazy good, and suddenly you’re zeroing in on exactly the right girls for you with increasing regularity.

Getting sexy, ceasing to care about whether some girl freaks out because you asked her to come back to your place and shag 6 minutes into meeting her, and getting good at picking out the girls you’re into who are going to be into you are the main components behind why a guy who’s advanced doesn’t just do moderately better with girls than an intermediate guy, but light years better.

That’s all well and good, you may be saying, but I’m a long way away from being able to do that… what good is this to me now?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to tell you next – here’s how to start skipping steps like the pros do, and open up a world of opportunity with women you previously only supposed existed.


Get to Sex FAST with Girls Using These 6 Tips

So let’s say you’re an intermediate guy who’s fairly good with women but he’s still figuring some things out. How do you stop getting stuck in long-ish seductions that end up not going anywhere, quit wasting time on women who won’t turn into girls you end up making passionate love to, and get to sex FAST with scads of gorgeous nubile beauties?

The answer lies in the 6 tips I’m going to arm you with right now. These are designed to get you skipping the steps (dating, super long conversations, awkwardness, uncertainty) most guys spend most of their dating lives on that get you nothing… so you can focus on the FUN part of dating: the getting of something (you know what that something is, and trust me, the girls you get that something with want to get that same something from you – you’re doing them a favor by not pussy-footing around and repeatedly dropping the ball like most men).

Here we go.

  1. Stop trying to get girls to like you. Some early advice I had when I started learning pickup was, “If you never get blown out, you’re not trying hard enough.” I didn’t like rejection very much, so this advice didn’t go over that well with me… and while I certainly don’t advocate going for blow outs these days, I doadvocate that you need to be approaching enough and experimenting with enough edgy material that blow outs are going to happen sometimes.Your goal should never be “get women to like me.” Rather, it should be “find the girl who ALREADY likes me.” And for that, you’re going to need to go through a bunch of women, some of whom simply won’t be into you. They don’t matter, because they’re just the underbrush you need to clear out of the way on your way to the destination (e.g., that gorgeous woman who thinks you’re God’s gift to female kind).
  2. Stop looking for a date.Most guys when they go out, especially when they’re new, are looking for phone numbers they can take to set a date up with later. But then you call or text her later, and maybe she responds, or maybe she doesn’t; you try and get things to the point where she wants to go out with you, and maybe she does, or maybe she doesn’t; you set up a date with her, and maybe she shows up, or maybe she doesn’t; you try and plan a second date with her, and maybe she wants that, or maybe she doesn’t; you try to sleep with her on Date #2 or Date #3, and maybe you do, or maybe you don’t.Seems like a whole awful heck of a lot of work just to get to one girl, if you ask me. Following that process, you’ll go through 10 or 20 or 50 girls just to get one in bed with you… crazy numbers.Instead, try this: go out to find girls you can get following your lead… then see how far they’ll follow you. That’s how you get them to follow you back to your bedroom and get to sex fast, not by hoping you can make it to the third date when you’re only just now talking to her at the bar or the coffee shop or the street.
  3. Get women following your lead from “hello.” Want to get really good at getting girls? Lead, lead… lead!Keep getting her to follow you around (not erratically, but intelligently… progressively escalating to more intimate / personal / isolated situations) and keep moving things ahead. You just met her? Make her give you her hand to say “hello” and trade names. Talking to her for 30 seconds? Make her move a little bit (“Let’s move a step over here so we aren’t getting run over”). Talking to her for five minutes? Make her come sit down with you (“Hey let’s grab a seat”).You should constantly be thinking “transitions, transitions, transitions” – constantly be transitioning to the next phase of the interaction. It’s how you skip the steps that most guys are spending hours or days or weeks on.
  4. Make it clear you won’t waste time.Sometimes, especially when you’re newer or intermediate and you don’t have that killer sexy vibe down, but even at times when you’re more advanced, women will try to bring you along to a party, or a group of people, or otherwise try and roll you into their worlds. Sounds great, right? Now you’re getting somewhere with her! When you’re new, this can be a great sign of progress.Only thing is, once you go along with this, you neverget to sex with that girl! Never! (Well, hardly ever.) Why is this?It’s because once her friends know you, you’re not anonymous anymore. You’re not some mysterious sexy guy she understandably hooked up with and no one can blame her for it. You’re that guy she met whom everyone is going to ask her about. She hooks up with you fast? Whoa, she’s a tramp! She just met this guy and already she’s in the sack with him! So now you’re slow-gamed, and if you’re lucky maybe you get her on Date #10… if she decides to let you go out with her at all, of course. Her friends must approve.But isn’t it risky if no one in her circle knows you? Don’t you risk never seeing her again if nothing happens? Yes! And that’s great. Because if nothing happens and you DO see her again, you’re usually just going to end up wasting a lot of time you could otherwise spend meeting girls things WILL happen with. And, when you’re anonymous, the odds that you get to sex with her fast increase exponentially… because no one ever needs know.She won’t be a “slut” or a “tramp” or a “ho” to her friends. She can tell them she left with you, but you dropped her off at home. Or that you guys are just friends. Or whatever. They’ll never see you ever again, so there’s no reason she needs to worry about doing what she wants with you. You’re risk-free.So when she says, “Let me introduce you to my friends,” if you’re already sitting with all of them, be cool, but keep your focus on her. If it’s just the two of you and she’s trying to get you to go with her friends – which is moving backwards in the interaction with her – tell her you really like talking to her and would rather keep it just the two of you – and then lead her forward. “In fact,” you can say, “let’s go grab a nightcap and chill somewhere less crowded.”
  5. Don’t move things backward; keep moving forward.One of the traps newer guys fall into is that “moving backward” thing we just mentioned under the last bullet. The guy’s sitting there, talking to a girl… she’s digging him… but he doesn’t know what to do. So instead of asking her home, he says, “Hey, let’s go dance!” So they do, and then she leaves soon after that. Darn.Or, the two of them are having a great, deep, intimate conversation with strong sexual undertones… and then he starts teasing her. *head smack* Don’t do this!Once you’ve reached a point in an interaction where you’ve moved ahead (one of those points where you feel like, “Oh yeah! It’s going the right way!”), do NOT go back to an earlier step, and do NOT let HER take you back to an earlier step (e.g., she starts trying to joke around or tease you and de-escalate things). Moving backward kills momentum. Keep the focus on moving forward and skipping extra steps at all times.
  6. Throw out your phone. Okay, you don’t actually have to throw it out, but try not taking it with you. Try not taking girls’ contact information AT ALL. If you have NO way of contacting her… NO way of ever seeing her ever again… how far can you take things then and there?This one’s for the big boys – it’s when you’re ready to step up to the bat and start swinging. It’s when you’re ready to say, “No more dates – it’s right now or it’s never.” You’ve got to be at the point where you already have a decent process down – you’ve already got to be pulling women at least some of the time. Don’t try this when you’re still trying to get past the banter stage of pickup or you’re still struggling with reaching the hook point, because this will drown you and take away your motivation like a fat man who can’t reach the cupcake box.But if you’re at the point where you can pickup fairly reliably and you want to step it up to the next level, and really force yourself to hone your skills, try the throw-out-your-phone challenge, and quit taking phone numbers. And no, you can’t take email either, or give her YOUR phone number. You need to make it happen then, or it doesn’t count.

… and there you have it: 6 killer tips designed to help you skip steps and get to sex faster than almost any other man on the planet. This is how you become a guy that your friends are looking at and saying, “Whoa, he’s just taken things to a whole new, totally badass level.” It’s how you become that guy that women’s panties fly off around, and pickup stops being some hard thing you have to willpower yourself to do and starts being some addicting thing you have to willpower yourself not to do… or else you’ll never get anything done other than pick up and sleep with chicks.

This stuff isn’t hard. It’s just that most guys MAKE it hard by not knowing what to do, and by being afraid to DO IT even when they KNOW what to do.

Well, now you know what to do. And you know how to not be afraid and what to focus on instead if you want to do it.

The only thing left to ask yourself is this: “Are you going to go do it?”

I hope the answer is, “Yes.”

Chase Amante

Chase Amante is the founder and primary blogger of Girls Chase, a men’s dating advice and dating program company. His flagship product is the Mastery Pickup Package, which rolls all the company’s best programs into one pack, and recommends that you start by checking out his article “How to Pick Up a Girl” next to get to know more about his philosophy on seduction.



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