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Hey guys!

Something a little bit different today:

I wanted to write you about this really cool new social platform, for 2 main reasons.

    1) I think it could potentially blow up absolutely huge, like reddit but bigger and better
    2) I think anybody who has a passion (or even a keen interest) in a topic can come on board and make extra income writing about something they love!


You may know that I have been into crypto currencies for a while. I got Bitcoin back in 2012, and since February of 2016 I have been trading in other lesser virtual currencies.

If you know nothing of this, my podcast about bitcoin is right here.

So: everyone wants to make more money. Many guys ask me how they can earn a living remotely so they can be travel around, chase women, and just generally enjoy their lives.

And everyone has interests, right?

So here’s the deal: There’s a new website out there called Steemit. It’s a platform where you can go and write whatever you want and post it up – kind of like a mix between reddit and facebook.


Steemit have their own crypto currency… ( 3 actually, but let’s keep it simple for now)… and you can earn money every time you write something of value and post it up, or even by reading other people’s work just commenting / participating in the community!

Basically, once you open an account there, you get a certain amount of Steem. If you write something that people like, and they upvote it – they transfer a bit of their Steem to you. Then, some of that Steem can be used to upvote other content you like. But SOME of it is yours to withdraw into bitcoin… Which can easily be spent (or turned into dollars. Some is on your account that you can only use to vote for other people’s content/use in the community.

SO: As long as you have something legit to write about… You have a great chance that SOME people are going to like it and spend their steem upvoting you (and you’ll get paid!)

It’s pretty fvcking cool, for a couple of reasons:

1) Steem is based on blockchain technology

    . This means is it de-centralized. This means there’s no agenda – and therefore you can write about whatever you want and it will not be censored. Ever try posting information deemed “sensitive” or “controversial” to facebook? And you get 2 views, even though you have hundreds or thousands of friends? Yeah – it’s censorship. Nobody sees that post, because it’s not supposed to be seen. That doesn’t happen on Steem.

2) If you’re posting your content on facebook, they own it

      . (Read the Terms and conditions!) Not only that, they make BILLIONS of dollars (With a capitol B) advertising to all the traffic they have on there, because of US – the users. How much of that revenue do you see? Exactly.


    Steem shares in the wealth. You can get paid to make content, or even just by participating in the community and reading content, commenting, (and other ways too!)

Ultimately nobody knows how this will go, but it sure does seem like a great project to get behind. And a very unique opportunity for any would be writers/entrepreneurs out there with a passion who want to start getting paid for it!

Sure, you may only get a dollar or two for your first post. But if it’s quality and you enjoy making content. It’s just going to grow! :)

I’ve just posted my intro on Steemit – check it out right here.

Take 30 seconds, make an account, and upvote me baby! If you write an article on there and link it on my Steem blog post right here, I promise to read it and upvote too. That is my commitment to all my readers! :)


One Love Baby…

– Sasha


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