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Get her phone number for SEX!

Now, I wanted to share this thing I just came up with. We all get flakes, right?

We all HATE flakey numbers.

One of the reasons women flake is that when a guy goes to get her phone number, it’s kind of ambiguous. Sure, maybe you said she was “cute” but so what? Maybe she just likes pleasant conversation or a new text buddy. Women LOVE to talk, and text, and have friends…

Well FUCK THAT. We’re here to get laid, and make sexual connections with women. Long-term, short term- hey marry one if you want. But we’re here for SEX.

So try this experiment with me for a week:

Every number you get this week…. you MUST make it clear you’re exchanging numbers for SEX.

You must use this EXACT qualification phrase before getting her number:

“Hey, if you had to guess – would you say we’d have good sex?”

IF she says “yes” or “probably” … or somehow agrees that you would have good sex, then you exchange numbers.


“Cool, what’s your number I’ll give you a call, and we’ll hang meet soon….”

Unless the girl says YES – you do NOT give your number out or take hers.

Explain to her “Oh, I only exchange numbers with girls that feel the same sexual chemistry with me that I do with them….”

You must HOLD your frame no matter what. There’s no backing down, or changing your mind…

…and there’s NO EXCEPTIONS!

Try it for a week. Either she thinks you’ll have good sex, or not. If not – move on to the next girl.

You’ll get less phone numbers – but they’ll be from girls who are – at the very least – open to the possibility of sex.

TRY IT – I’ll be doing this all week, so we’ll see what happens ;)

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