How to get ANYTHING you want – the 3% rule

The 3% rule and why you can succeed at anything:

My main squeeze (Shek Ma Sherak Ani) works as a doctor’s assistant. Has done for years. She told me SHOCKING statistic on how lazy people truly are.

Check this out:

Apparently when you’re “on your way” to getting put on kidney dialysis, they tell you that you can potentially prevent, or at least significantly slow down your condition, so that you can delay going on kidney dialysis.

If you don’t know – that would mean being hooked up to a machine that keeps you alive. All the time. For the rest of your days.

See, most people end up on the machine because their diabetes or high blood pressure damages their kidneys further, and eventually they need a machine to keep them alive.

However,  BOTH those conditions can be slowed down (and even reversed) …. so with serious lifestyle changes – you can slow down the kidney deterioration so much, you might even make it to old age and die of natural causes before you ever have to be hooked up to the machine.

Isn’t that AMAZING? You could live a normal, full life. Surely, EVERYBODY would go through the necessary changes in order to stay alive…. right?

WRONG! Because eating right and exercising takes HARD WORK! It means you’d have to do something DIffeRENT! It means you’d have to CHANGE!

Well check this out: Of all the people that are given this diagnosis …. Only 10% of people actually even MAKE it to dialysis. The other 90% refuse to make the necessary changes, and they die even before they’re ever able to MAKE it to the machine.

10% survive – on the machine.

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?! A 90% death rate on a treatable condition…… WHAT THE $(@$&U%@$( IS GOING ON HERE????

So here’s the reality:

Most people are lazy, stubborn, and resist change. Even when it would literally save their life.

They can’t be bothered.

So if people are that lazy, you got to wonder  just what you could accomplish if you set your mind to it, and are willing to work for it.

If you watch the below clip, you’ll really see this principle in action – and you’ll learn that only 3% of people even try.

People worry about competition. “There’s too many people out there who are amazing. I’ll never make it!”

WHAT COMPETITON??? The other 3% of people who actually TRY?

Just pick what you love doing, put your energy into it and kick some ass. It’s as simple as that.

To quote Bill Murray in my faaaavorite comedy Groundhog day.

“You gotta want it!!”

You really can get whatever you want – because most people don’t even try.

Don’t be the 90% who are too lazy to live.

Be the 3% who go for it, and live their dreams.

The choice is yours.

Be well!




p.s Yes, those of you who really follow me will wonder if Back to the Future has been replaced by Groundhog Day as My favorite movie. The answer is, they are both my favorite! Woot!



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