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Gaming Celebrities – Helena Bonham Carter rocks!

Today was a crazy day. Not only did I move into my new flat in central London – I had a nice interaction with a Grade A Celebrity!

Whilst grocery shopping, for the first time in the area, I picked up a pretty hot black girl. She had an amazing ass… A friend and I were in Waitrose, and he pointed her out. I said “yeah she’s not bad, she’s got a great ass” and he said “tell her” so I came up to her and said “hey… you’ve got a GREAT ass!” and she was like “hey, I work on it!” … then we chatted for a while and she was pretty cool. Great vibe. I told her we’re having a housewarming and that she should come. Just before I left her I said “hey, you better tell me if you’re single so I can let my friends know whether they can hit on you” and she said “let them try” … heh.

After that we’re walking down the street and I see this woman who looks suspiciously like Helena Bonham Carter. I said that to my friend, but he was like “that IS her!!!”

So I approached and I was like “hey, this isn’t a chat up line or anything but… you look just like this actress! … we spoke few minutes. She loved me, of course. She recommended a good cheese shop in the neighborhood and we just had some good banter. I was like “Hey I’m a comic, showbiz baby!” and she’s like “We do try!” … She asked who I was etc and I gave her a flyer for my comedy show. I got some nice pics of us…… but in retrospect I should have gone for her number! She was cool! How random. I got a pic of her, one of us together, and one of her kissing me (my cheek – she’s a married woman!)

Funny how the stuff I do on all woman works just as well on a celeb. Women are women I guess, Eh? She’s only human.

Fun day.

Her are the pics




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  • Lumiere says:

    Always puzzles me when I see PUA guys talk produly about celebs that they have ‘gamed’ when they did not really get any further with them than a polite conversation and some flirting.

    1) The dude in ‘the game’ that made a big deal out of gaming Paris Hilton when he got no more than her number

    2) Adam Lyons excitedly posting on a message board about how he had got a Big Brother contestant (one that nobody remebers) back to is pad while she was still actually there instead of actually concentrating on escalating with her.

    3) Naughty nomad (whose blog is awesome by the way) blogging a few weeks ago about how he gamed a former miss Ireland. When you read the blog you see that he only slipped her a piece of paper with his number on it.

    Not having a go Sasha. Your blog is cool but, dammit, I want see some ‘I banged Halle Berry’ type blog posts on a PUA blog just once.

    • Sasha Pua says:

      Hahaha … there wasn’t any gaming really, I just wrote “gaming celebrities” to create excitement. I do it for the readers :P

      ….. I met her and had a chat, and that’s it. It just happens she’s a celeb, that’s all. Yea I think bragging should be kept to a minimum… unless you actually are sleeping with a celeb. Then fair enough. Even still…

      Most PUA’s are nowhere as good as their hype….. some don’t get laid at all….. so I doubt you will ever see a post about one of ’em pumpin Hally berry!

  • Josh says:

    Hey Sasha, another cool blog post!

    I’ve decided to follow your advice (from a previous blog post) and learn to have non-ejaculatory orgasms. Found a video that explains the basics (, and will combine that with your (patented?) ‘piss-stop-piss-stop’ urination technique. Hehe.

    How’s your 4 Hour Body experiment going bro?

    – Josh.

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