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Funny songs by a PUA musician

Alright, this blog post is purely for entertainment reasons.

This dude is a PUA that’s been around for a while… but he’s also a musician and he’s made some really good songs about banging chicks that are really funny. But they’re not just funny – some of these are really catchy tunes.

I think you might have to be a PUA to really appreciate some of them but…. shit check it out, you’ll laugh.

I really love this song, check it out on this link

enjoy ;)


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  • Socialkenny says:

    I haven’t checked the link yet but a PUA who’s a musician would be fucking chic crack.I really don’t see how you can lose with such a portfolio in set(musician).

  • Alex says:

    Nice music, was wondering if you will visit germany any time soon?
    You are awesome!

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