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Fun+Flirting+Direct = Awesomeness!!

So check this – last night I went to this restaurant with my ex-girlfriend, and a friend of hers. We were just hanging out, and eating yummy seafood! MMMM!

Our waitress was hot. I mean – really hot. Strangely, I didn’t hit on her the entire time she was serving us. I was just busy hanging with the girls and eating and joking around. I was aware of the waitress… but that was it.

After the meal, the girls starting moving towards outside, and I knew this was my moment.

I walk up to the waitress and I said

“Hey, I just wanted to apologize for before”

Right away, she says “It’s ok!” (Yes, she had to break the tension right away. Me – I’m ok with the tension) ;)

I says “Look, I’m sorry that… I didn’t hit on you earlier. I saw you. You look amazing and everything but… you know – I was with my friends, and STARVING for food. I’d had a long day. But, it’s not you. Really – I think you’re hot – i Mean YOU ARE TOTALLY hot! Under normal circumstances, I totally would have hit on you. Honest.”

She’s just laughing at this point

I said “So….. seriously though – you and me we gotta hang out at some point”

She says “AWww you’re so sweet but I have a boyfriend”

I said “Sure we’re aLL seeing SOMEone but… like what KIND of boyfriend…. a guy you’re just hooking up with – a guy you’re dating till someone better comes along, or a “I’m gonna marry this guy” type of boyfriend?” (Credit – James Marshall)

She said “No, a real boyfriend – he’s great!!”

I said “Well, ok. Had to try!”

She giggles again, gives me a hug and wanders off.


This approach is perfect because you’re combining all of my favorite 3 elemnts

1) Having fun
2) Flirting
3 Being direct

After this, I told the girls my new concept and my ex’s friend was like “oh, whatever it’s not that smooth, I’m sure she didn’t think it was funny”

So – when I spotted the waitress I was like “Tell these girls me hitting on you was awesome!”

and she did a thumbs up and said “IT was awesome!!!”

Why do women gotta player hate??

Anyways, I did the exact same thing at the gym today. I came up to this hottie and did the same thing … she was confused at first. At once point she was like “wait, are you hitting on me or not??” and I was like “I wasn’t before, but NOW I am!” :D

good times. TRY IT – leave comments ;)



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