Sasha Daygame in street to sex

From street to sex – about an hour

I’m In the west end teaching – I open this cute Indian looking with who’s got a killer body! Like omg!! Small – with perky tittes, skinny legs, awesome butt…  Wuh!We talk max 5 mins. She’s just in town for 2 weeks….She drops me a hint that’s clear as day.I say “so… what are you up to?”

She says “Oh well, I’m seeing friends tomorrow but… I’m not really doing anything tonight”

Sasha “Ah, well – how about we get some coffee later?”

We swap numbers and I get back to it….

Then we run into her an hour later as we’re eating. I say “let’s meet at that coffee shop there at 8!” and she says cool.

She shows up at 8.05 … she joins me and we get to talking.

Regular stuff. I can see that she’s pretty open and so I get into the filthy pretty quick. I didn’t even have to use the pretext of the questions game

Sasha “So, when’s the last time you got laid?”


Sasha “Omg – it was like last night wasn’t it??”

Hbindian “It was 2 nights ago, actually”

Sasha “Anybody you know?

Hb “Nah, just some guy I met”

(I can see she’s a bit uncomfortable admitting this)

I know what time it is!

Sasha “Hey that’ s cool. I like girls that are sexually open. You know… it’s fucked up how our society treats women…. Blah blah blah… women should be free, just as men, to do whatever they want with whoever they want, blah blah blah (Standard Johnny soporno fluff for like 2 or 3 minutes)

HB “Yeah – I totally agree. It’s bullshit”

Sasha “So, let’s head back to my place!”

HB “no, I don’t think so”

Sasha “oh? Why not?”

HB “I’m just not feeling it….”

Sasha “But… I do tantric! You’re crazy – depriving yourself of pleasure… are you in a cult or something?!”

Blah blah I qualify myself and tell her I’m awesome and shit… we make small talk for 5 mins

HB “I just don’t think you’d be good in bed”

Sasha “Why not?”

HB “You talk about it too much”

Sasha “haha… yea maybe I suck. Or… maybe I’m really good and you’re making a terrible mistake…  so listen, let me rub your neck so you can see I’ve got magic fingers….”

HB “No, not in public….Ok, let’s go back to your place and you can massage me there. If I like it, then we can have sex!”

Sasha “Let’s go”

That’s pretty much how it went down.  We left the coffee place around 9….

On the way back to mine she revealed that she’s been on a sex rampage – just fucking loads of guys! She was married for like a year at 25 – divorced and now she’s banging everybody! We spoke SO candidly about sex it was cool as fuck. She was 100% ok telling me anything I wanted to do – and I’ll I’d done was establish that I was cool with it.

Get back to mine:  Have a cup of tea…. Start on her shoulders with some massage action… … kiss her neck… I say “let’s take this party to my room!” and that’s that.

I gave her a proper back rub… got her really hot… then kissing her back….. then flip her her over… sucked/licked her tittes + stomach and then fingered her to orgasm. Only then proceeded to have sex.  It was alright…. I got to a point where I was like all the way in here, and it was kinda numb. You know how if you don’t come up too much, you can fuck and it’s mainly numb so you’re not going to come? That point. It seemed like she was going to come to I just stayed in there hoping she would get off… she was moving around a bit too much – and I realized she was going to make me orgasm. It was either pull out for a moment or go the distance. I thought “fuck it, I’m going to come with her” … so I pound her and blow a load. She almost has another orgasm, but not quite.

She was happy though so there ya go. Then, I made her massage me. Her elbow in my back was probably the best part (I have serious knots – and massages are harder to come by than sex! lol

Some things she said during sex

As we came into my room she noticed I didn’t have a duvet and she commented on it … something like “bachelor style!” … I said “what does it mean If I had a cover?” and she says “girlfriend!”


Also “Once this n**ger pulled out a ten inch and I was scared”

And “One guy tried to come on my face out of nowhere. You gotta ask first”

There’s some other funny stuff but I can’t remember it all.

She told me she hasn’t had an orgasm in a while. We talk about why that is and *shock horror* most guys aren’t very good at making women come!  Also revealed: Rich guys are particularly boring.

End of the day – it seems no game was required but … really all I had to do was

1)   open
2)   spot the invitation “I’m not doing anything tonight”
3)   make arrangement to meet up
4)   explain that I’m open about sex and don’t judge girls who are
5)   invite her to mine
6)   (chat a bit more) invite her again

Piece of piss!

Best part – I sent her off to one tube station and I start walking down the street. Literally 15 seconds I’m walking and there’s 2 girls having fun on a bench. I open by dancing around as I walk past them. I talk to them for about a minute or two…. I just grab and kiss the first one… the second one says “I want some of that!” … I say “3 way make out!” and then we all tongue down. I say “Hey I just had sex… but if I hadn’t would you guys be down for a 3some?” and they are like “yea totally….” We swap numbers with them claiming they’re up for it. I accuse them of only saying that cuz they’re drunk – they say “Nooooo we’re up for it!”

They text me “we are so up for a gang bang” 5 mins later

I texted them somethin’… they sent “You bring the guys, we’ll bring the girls! xx”

I shouldn’t have blown my load in the Indian girl. That would have been my personal sickest day every (Instant lay, instant 3some!)

Ah well.  There’s always next time!

Note: She wouldn’t want to be seen getting her shoulders massaged in public – but she’ll fuck my brains out after 1hr chat. Maybe the girls that are the most sexually liberated act the most conservative – simply because they’re aware of their actual tendencies and are trying to cover up their true nature! That happens more and more… I’ll go for a kiss (not here!) then as soon as you get ’em private they’re like “lemme see your cock!”

p.p.s – Ejaculation is for gays. I’m going to start some kind of non-ejaculation challenge. Seriously.


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