Free Money Reveals People’s Limiting Beliefs

So, I’ve just released a social experiment where I walk around trying to give money away to people


What have I done that?


2 reasons:


First off, I’m a bit of an extrovert. Doing crazy shit makes me feel good! I like the attention. It’s how I get off. Also I love making people smile. Always have and I always will… (no shocker coming from a stand up comedian!)


But also, I was genuinely curious as to whether people’s belief systems would allow them believe (even for a moment) that a complete stranger would give them money, without wanting anything in return.


I mean – anything that’s too good to be true usually IS!


So…it MUST be a scam, right? Nothing good could come of it!


Most people have very rigid belief systems…


Even when presented with cold hard evidence that they are wrong – they will STILL not act on it.


It’s insane – but we are literally controlled by our beliefs.


In my life, SO many times…I have had beautiful women look at me, check me out, even straight up smile at me…and yet I did nothing.


…countless opportunities lost.


And why?


I just didn’t believe it could be that easy.


(And it wasn’t…FOR ME. Although it sure was for a lot of other guys!)


Argh! Limiting beliefs are a pain!


In fact, one of my spiritual teachers told me that most people after age 30 will never change any of their core belief systems, because they are too ingrained after that point.


Isn’t that crazy? I mean I’m 37, I still don’t consider myself to be “old” … and I recognize that I still have plenty of beliefs that aren’t useful. And I want to change them and improve myself.


Doesn’t everybody? Are people really that retarded?


Well, I wanted to find out haha… so I did this video!


You may be surprised at the result…. or not so much if you understand the nature of beliefs.


Either way, it’s a fun watch ;)



Please comment and share! As I reveal in the video, I will be giving away more money if the video is a hit.


(And I’ll be feeding my ego too! Muahaha!)


…OK so maybe there was a 3rd reason for making this…to get more youtube views and subscribers! YEAHHH I’m a youtube whore! I’m ok with that too. It’s part of who I am ;)


More fun stuff coming soon…




P.S. Share the video god damn it! And let me know what fun stuff you’d like to see next!

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