Do it – because it feels good!


NO – it’s NOT about sex – you dirty little monkey!


But I like the way you think :P


I was doing some stretching this morning. No particular style or routine, Just whatever felt good.


And it felt GREAT. When was the last time you really had a good stretch? It’s important! Especially for a man in my business. (Just imagine me pulling a muscle while chasing a girl down the road! Ha! What a youtube sensation that would be!)


Anyways – When I was stretching I just thought to myself – I know this is good for me because it feels good.


I don’t need a doctor to tell me stretching is good, or a book, or anything else.  It feels good, so I know it’s right. SImple as that.


Isn’t it interesting…


Approaching beautiful women also feels good!


That’s exactly how I know approaching a beautiful woman in an authentic way is also right.




It must be right.


Ever tried approaching a women with a bullshit opinion opener? Or asking her for directions to starbucks?


I did – and I felt like a liar, a cheat….a lowlife.


I think I’ll stick the direct way ;)


So my thought for the day – go out there and do what feels right. With women, and with every other part of your life.  As a very famous comedian told me many years ago “Always go with your gut.”


Just imagine if we all did what felt right, and stayed away from what felt wrong? What a different world it would be….

Til next time,




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  • pc games says:

    I adore sex

  • Brian says:

    What about if you feel like taking a shit on the street in the city? Haha just kidding. This is a great post. As long as you can avoid breaking the law do whatever feels good in my opinion.

    This advice should be straightforward, but we often get caught up doing things that we think are good for us even though we don’t really feel good about it. (Society’s expectations)

  • Peter says:

    Short, simple, motivating and absolutely logical.
    Amazing how can you always find some good thoughts in daily activities.
    Thanks Sasha for keeping us motivating…

  • Shannon says:

    Sasha What is your favorite direct opener?

  • Ruben says:

    Short but nice!
    I’m reading conversations with God now and the book also mentions this. It’s a really nice way to look at things :D

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