Do it – because it feels good!


NO – it’s NOT about sex – you dirty little monkey!


But I like the way you think :P


I was doing some stretching this morning. No particular style or routine, Just whatever felt good.


And it felt GREAT. When was the last time you really had a good stretch? It’s important! Especially for a man in my business. (Just imagine me pulling a muscle while chasing a girl down the road! Ha! What a youtube sensation that would be!)


Anyways – When I was stretching I just thought to myself – I know this is good for me because it feels good.


I don’t need a doctor to tell me stretching is good, or a book, or anything else.  It feels good, so I know it’s right. SImple as that.


Isn’t it interesting…


Approaching beautiful women also feels good!


That’s exactly how I know approaching a beautiful woman in an authentic way is also right.




It must be right.


Ever tried approaching a women with a bullshit opinion opener? Or asking her for directions to starbucks?


I did – and I felt like a liar, a cheat….a lowlife.


I think I’ll stick the direct way ;)


So my thought for the day – go out there and do what feels right. With women, and with every other part of your life.  As a very famous comedian told me many years ago “Always go with your gut.”


Just imagine if we all did what felt right, and stayed away from what felt wrong? What a different world it would be….

Til next time,




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