feel guilty for wanting sex

Feel Guilty Wanting Sex?

One of the HUGEST issues with men’s sexuality these days, is we feel guilty wanting sex!

Why would you EVER feel guilty for wanting to do what’s programmed into your DNA? (it is, even God said so in the Bible: “Thou Shalt Fuck!”)

It’s THE most natural thing you can do. I might argue that fucking is even more natural than eating. Because, in some states of being you could actually survive without eating for for very long period. I know several guys who couldn’t survive without sex for a few days, nevermind a few weeks. They’d loose their mind.

So WHY do men feel guilty about wanting sex??

Well – as I write this – a HUGE amount of thoughts concerning the brainwashing we get from society enter my head. This has been covered by other people, (and by me in my 7 Secrets of Seduction talks) but suffice it to say the modern day capitalist agenda is far better served by a man who lives in fear… and uses his wallet to get pussy… than a man who is fearless and knows his dick is enough.

Which one of those do you think is the bigger spender?

Question Answered.

It’s the same pattern for anything.

Take medicine. There are tons of natural cures for serious diseases that actually work, but “the powers that be make more money suppressing them… and selling you chemotherapy for $50k (which they *know* kills you) …. but they got your 50k! Win!

Or energy… Why has every scientist who’s ever invested a free energy device been mocked, ridiculed, BANNED from their respective institutions? (And on occasion gone *mysteriously* missing?)


It always comes down to money.

So isn’t is absurd that YOU – as a man – will feel guilty for wanting sex with a woman, because you’ve been PROGRAMMED for someone else’s money making paradigm?


(There’s a shit ton of other reasons too; cultural and religious ones which are obvious. But I’m talking mainly about if you live in a Western “democratic” (haha) nation.)

There is a *very* clear agenda to associate guilt and shame to sex. Almost every natural behavior we have – we’re made to associate with guilt and shame.

Did you look at her tits? You should feel guilt and shame.
Do you read porn magazines? You should feel guilt and shame.
Do you have sexual thoughts? You should feel guilt and shame.
Do you masturbate? You should feel guilt and shame.
Do you have sexual urges? You should feel guilt and shame.
Do you enjoy sexual touch? You should feel guilt and shame.
Do you enjoy having sex? You should feel guilt and shame.


Add in fear, and you’ve got one heck of a system of control. (If I’m pestered enough, I’ll do a part 2 on Fear)

Anyways: Here’s some tools to lose the guilt and shame.


Be aware that whatever brought us to exist (Whether it be “universal energy”, God, or just plan random happenstance) — We were brought here BY FUCKING. It’s in our nature to HAVE SEX. You weren’t programmed by society to want to have sex – YOU WERE BORN WANTING SEX. (You just don’t know it till you hit around 12 or 13)

So – if you’re born with it – it has to be right. Unless you believe in an Evil, Tyrannical God that LOVES fucking with people. This guy has nothing better to do that make us want something that’s evil and wrong… and there’s no escape! (if you believe in an Evil God – you’re retarded and seriously need your head examined…)


Next, recognize that just because everyone is doing/saying/believing something DOESN’T MEAN IT’S RIGHT. It makes absolutely no difference how many people, tv shows, parents, religious leaders etc tell you sex is wrong.


Stop listening to the programming and listen to the only programming that matters: your inner voice. Are you with me? You already know all you need to know. Stop questioning yourself and do what feels right. And for those of you that are ready to hear this: Yes, that voice inside you is the voice of Infinite being which you truly are. You must focus on what YOU believe, not everyone else.

And finally, you need to change YOUR BELIEFS ABOUT WHAT SEX REALLY IS:

Women Love Sex. Men love sex. It feels good. It makes people happy. It even has health benefits. On a deeper level, it’s a way to connect with another soul in an unparalleled way, while stuck in this sill monkey body thing.

So no matter which way you slice it – IT’S WIN WIN BABY!!!! So understand that if you give a woman sexual pleasure, you are giving her value.

Are you with me here?

GIVING VALUE. You are not taking anything.

Ever seen the way a woman shakes when she has a big fat huge orgasm? THAT MEANS SHE LIKES IT, DUMBASS! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about – you’re not doing it right) :P

In fact, let’s take that further.

If you are a realized person, know who you are, and are ultimately enjoying the process of becoming your best self – guess what – YOU ARE GIVING VALUE JUST BY EXISTING. JUST BEING AROUND YOU IS AWESOME.

Are you with me here?

Let’s review:

SEX = VALUE !!!!

… guess what …



That includes when I make sweet love to a woman and give her ridiculous orgasms.

If men accepted this as truth – there would be no more guilt and shame.


Re-frame your beliefs about sex…. and you’ll feel guilty no more.

Here’s a little clip from one of my talks on this subject you might enjoy.

I’m out!



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  • san says:

    Man, you are Jesus of seduction. I’m proud of you…!

  • lil wheezy says:

    My mama said Fuck Em, and we the same.
    So hello mother fucker you got some sheets to change.

  • Vince says:

    Nice shirt! boss mode! :)

  • Joe Ragu says:

    Love this. It just goes to show that society doesn’t really give a shit about your well being and happiness. It’s sad to know that 99+% of people are enslaved by these group think beliefs of guilt and shame. Once you truly become indifferent, that’s when you take all of your power back. We get so distracted with everyday life and don’t realize that we’re literally just some species living on some spinning rock through something called outer space, which is mind blowing. To live this one precious life in constant fear of what other people think is simply a waste of valuable time.

  • Rockdoesntdie says:

    Great article! Though, you aren’t only giving value but also taking joy in the process of giving value so that’s not purely giving. It is even better because it is good for both parties. Cutting the story short: really good article! Thanks for the inspiration, been reading your articles for a long time. Changed my life!

  • Ocean says:

    brilliant article! its shown that karma is real, and the idea of giving always has a feedback.

    all the indirect ‘PUA’ stuff of not being needy may fit for nightclubs, but its all a fckn big acting and pretending bullshit.

    Well done!!

  • Justin Wisor says:

    Sasha, you always make things sound so simple….because they F***ing ARE! Lol, thanks for everything. Still haven’t gotten laid. I’m living in my own head. But I’m on the journey. I’m choosing me. I am going to do this. I just got back from spring break and went completely direct after being a bit buzzed off drinks (even got a kiss out of it on the boardwalk ;). Now, no time or excuse to be using drinks. Next step. ModeOne/Direct/Daygame FTW

  • Leonardo says:

    MINDBLOWING, dude you literally fucked my mind haha, thanks for sharing your knowledge

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