Sasha Daygame in fasting in thailand

Fasting in Thailand

March 22nd
As I’ve already mentioned in Part 1 and Part 2 of THE HEALTH PODCAST I’ve got some health issues, so I thought a good way to help my system heal is to detox. Get all the gunk out and put good stuff (tho very little) in, so the body can heal itself.

If ya’ll don’t know it takes a huge amount of energy to digest food. Also we’re allergic to certain foods (or at the very least some foods don’t agree with us) even though we may not be aware of it. So, many people are in a constant state of digestion, inflammation, constipation, blab la ba. This affects our immune system and ability to fight off pretty much everything we need to. Viruses, Bacteria, Cancer (Which likely comes from a bacteria called Candida) ….. so having your system WORKING is important!

That being said, I’m doing a week long fasting in Thailand. No food – you just get coconut juice, some vitamin pills, and some psillium husk “shakes” that basically taste like water. If you’re not doing the anti-candida (which I am) you get carrot juice. So I don’t get any :(

Felt hungry when I WOKE UP and thought “This isn’t a good sign, we havent’ even started yet!! Haha” … Only brutal part was trying to get the stick thingy in my ass for the colonic. GOD DAMN IT! That’s hard. I mean I’ve had a couple colonics before in New York, but they do all the work FOR you so it’s not a big deal. They cram it in there, they even rub your belly for you. For $120 I’d expect them to. However, this one you do it all yourself. Lube up the tube, cram it in there, flick the switch and here comes the water into your colon! YES!!

Why was it SO hard to get it in there? I’m not sure. I’ve had girls tongues in my ass (Awesome) I’ve had my own finger in there with jerkin’ in (Awesome) so I don’t see WHY ITS SO DAMN HARD TO PUT A PLASTIC STICK IN MY ASS. I think perhaps because it’s so clinical etc. I tried to tell myself “yeah it’s gonna feel good, you love tongues in your ass so just pretend that’s going on RIGHT now. But nah, u can make believe all you want – it’s a plastic tube going up your ass. Fuck. Hopefully I’ll figure it out tomorrow.


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