Sasha Daygame in stripper game

EuroTour 2-2012, Day 2, Stripper game!


More of the same during the day. Killing approach fear like a BOSS.


I met up with the Brazilian. After, James asked me what we did, and I’d said we met up to hang / eat some food. James asked why we didn’t have sex, and I said “I’m O.K” …. And he goes “I DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!”

Yes, this man’s mission in life is to be having sex THE ENTIRE TIME. It’s kind of amazing.


I took my group for streetgame, but ended up @ a big ass cabaret strip show/whorehouse. WHY? They needed to work on their god damn escalation. That’s why ;)


Was getting them to connect/escalate on the girls


Personally, I had 2 good chats. First girl, connected well and got her digits. She’s working till 6, I’m not waiting around. Got her digits, she’s quite up for hanging out, after some shit testing. She’s a little bit chubbier than I like’em though. Meh.


2nd girl, I connected less, but saw her again and just gave her a 2 minute back rub, she loved it, then I just escalated from there.

Second time I saw her, I just fluffed talked briefly, then started massaging her shoulders…..


“wow you really need a massage”


“you probably need some good sex too. I’m good at both”

“oh yeah?”

“yeah – what time do you finish?”


“I’m leaving town, but next time I’ll see you, we’ll go to yours and I’ll massage you and we’ll fuck

she stares…..

“I don’t take money for sex”

I don’t flinch:

“good, I don’t pay money for sex…..”

…… big pause ………

“Okay, take my number”

After I got it, I went to kiss her check, she moves in for the mouth. Bit of her tongue on my lips – I wasn’t actually expecting that lol.  First time a stripper kissed me IN the club!!

Strippers are easy! I think more so in countries where most of the guys are like borat. Any normal guy comes along, and they’re smitten! That vegas training comes in handy after all!




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