Sasha Daygame in Eurotour

EuroTour 2-2012 Day 3-classic-madness

WE WAKE UP EARLY – TYPICAL eurotour madness. Everyone’s asleep 15 miutes before the bus arrives, and I’m translating Russian to the 19 year strumpet James had over the night before. She spoke almost NO english. How the hell did he…. nevermind. I know the answer to that question…. :P

Then, after all the rushing about – we find out the dodgy Czech bus broke down, and they’re sending a fresh one. UH OH!

Gareth Jones was hilarious in the bus, as per usual. He keeps putting catchy songs in my head. I retaliate but he’s much less susceptible to this than me. We have a running game going on this, and I’m definitely loosing :/

7 hour bus ride to Budapest. JESUS!! The bus driver’s GPS took us to some little village 28km outside of Budapest. We’re like “This clearly isn’t it” and he’s like “BUT THE GPS SAID IT IS!”


For the rest of the trip, he was refuting directions from James, using that same logic.  I think it’s sad we’re THAT reliant on technology at this point. Also, I suspect he was a a bit of an idiot.


Fun day.


Went out in Budapest. Saw more hot girls in 15 minutes outside in Budapest than previous 5 days in Prague. I’d say I was shocked, but I’m not. I’ve been here before.


Long live the Eurotour! ;)


Nighttime: Took the guys to our usual hang out – one of my guys spend the WHOLE night with one girl (hope he went home with her) and the other vanished. No word from him. He’s either dead, or laid. Hopefully laid. Find out in the morning! (edit: HE GOT LAID!!!!) :D :D :D



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