Sasha Daygame in end of eurotour

End of Eurotour 1 – 2012!

Fack!! That was nuts.

If ya’ll don’t know James Marshall put together a crazy, multi country, woman chasing shag fest eastern european tour back in 2008… and it really is an awesome time. It’s gotten pretty popular, we’ve just announced a third one!!

Anywho: James Marshall, Liam Mcrae, and Johnny Coops and myself have just ended the 1st eurotour. That was really fun and exhausting. Yesterday I said to one of the students ” Fuck, I wish I was taking this course instead of teaching on it” as I pointed towards another hottie and the student trotted off.


I feel really good right now. Not because I’m in a country with some of the hottest women I’ve ever seen (more on that later) but…. I saw some crazy growth in the students over these last few days. like WOW!  First off, we had a huge range of stuents. Ages 23 to 48 and everything in between. We even had a chinaman!!!

One student pumped 3 girls on the trip (how dare he!) … another one who was a complete pufta manned up and stopped taking shit from women…. another hooked up with only his 3rd woman of his life – on the 1st night of the program!!! It was some really crazy shit. I generally am used to seeing pretty big changes in students, but there’s only so much you can do over a weekend.  10 days really lets you get serious work done.


Hard work, but when you see the changes, and the grateful look in their eyes, it’s all worth it! (Eventually I’ll be seeing their babies – hahah- but I don’t think about that for now!)

I met a couple of lovely girls on the trip, will stick a couple of video’s on my youtube channel shortly. (Just G rated ones I’m afraid) ;)

Note: James Marhshall is a whore. I’m not go into details about this, but let’s just say he likes spending his time having sex with really hot girls more than hanging out with his buddies. What’s up with THAT?

Sure she’s hot. But will she go out and pick up chicks with you?? I DON’T THINK SO.

Some funny/interesting stuff:

This is what happens when you don’t approach, after being fully trained:


Good times.

One funny bit was me yelling at a German student. I gave him some feedback after listening in on his interaction with some ladies …. it was mainly about him asking too many questions, not listening and not really connecting to women.  My last sentance to him was “stop being so fucking german!”

Apparently that helped, and later I saw he’s written that into his notes. I told him to send the screen shot so I could put it up. It’s funny.

Here’s a pic from a night I put myself into “super state” …. I really had a blast. I moved in on this whole group of girls… one of them was getting married. I went in there totally normal, then build it up to me being the life of that motherfucking dance floor in about…. 10 minutes. I even stole their fluffy ear thingies. That’s right. I’m a boss.

Sasha Daygame with HB's ;)


Now, here’s an example of just how fucking hot the girls out here are. I spend some lovely time with this young lady. I may put up some video shortly. What can I tell ya other than – WOW!

Sexy woman with a sexy bike!

That was Budapest. I’ll just call her Budapest babe! ;)

Here’s us with some fancy building behind us.


Now….. here’s just some funny shit from Serbia. Now… how can I put this. Serbia is the closest thing to the wild west you’re going to find in Europe. Well, at least this region. Serbia is proably more civilized than the rest of the region – we’ll see. Then again – check out this sign:



WOW. That’s right. It’s not a “non-smoking” sign. That sign actually means “Please smoke”

Are you fucking serious or what? These people really mean business when it comes to having a good time.  It’s not that they simply won’t stop you from smoking. Oh no – they’re actually saying “hey – have a fucking ciagrette, will you? what’s a matter with you? sitting there and not filling your lungs with cancerous cigarette smoke. Go on and have one, ya fucking puff!” Fantastic.

Shit, they should have that for like… sex. Just a sign of 2 people fucking. “please – take a girl and fuck. right here on the table. it’s not problem”

I could continue that bit, but I’ll leave it there.

Here’s another one:

Yeah I know, you’re thinking “What the fuck is that”

Those are the nails sticking thru at the top of the elevator. NOT GOOD. Also, some spots u can just get on a moving elevator with no door. If you’re dumb enough to get off at the wrong time, you die.

Yep.  Here’s what I actually love – you really can do whatever the fuck you want in Serbia. Really. Nobody is going to baby-sit you. You don’t want to wear a helmet? Don’t fucking wear one. You fuck up, you die. Free will actually exists. You don’t want to wear a seat belt? Don’t wear one.  There’s very little bullshit.

No I.D coming to a bar? Nobody gives a fuck.

Dress code? There’s no such concept. There’s no waiting around to get in anywhere. If you have money to spend on booze, go ahead and come on it.


When you’re used to the government impeding on our good time / stuffing rules down our throats… you don’t even realize how fucked up it is till you go to a country that uses COMMON FUCKING SENSE. People here, though poor – are more rich in spirit and wisdom than every western country put together.

We’re all a bunch of idiots – who question nothing and live clinging to safety, hoping the government will save us.

Oh yeah – there are some of the hottest and most amazing women I’ve ever seen in my life too. I don’t ever want to leave this place.

Sigh. I love the Eurotour. Fortunately we’re doing 2 more in september!! yaaaay

If anyone out there is crazy enough to join us… get in touch. I can get ya’ll an early bird discount if you don’t leave it too long!



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