Sasha Daygame in email from happy client

Email from happy client

Awwww…. Emails like this make me REALLY happy. Thought I’d share as there’s actually some pretty good direct game in it: Notice how he’s not sugar coating the offer of sex ….. Man this email made me SMILE! Enjoy…..

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Nelson <Removed/client privacy>
Date: Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 12:41 PM
Subject: Re: Updates!
To: Sasha Daygame <>

Hey man, I know that it hasn’t been long, but I HAD to send you another update!

Sasha… I’m changing man… I can’t even explain it.

It’s almost as if everything is starting to sink in. 3 years of self improvement, a year of daily meditation and all the shit that I’ve studied that was written by those that I admire. I feel completely liberated, not just with women, but in life. It’s almost as if I’ve been drifting this entire time, completely controlled by the influence of different factors around me. At this point, everything, even my existence, just seems to make sense. I know that sounds reallllly fucking corny, but it’s the only way that I can describe it.

With everything else in perspective, my relationships with women are slowly falling into place. When I approach now, I feel as if I’m going over to find out if the girl is right for me. I’m not trying to win her approval or entertain her. I don’t give a fuck about rejection. I’m only interested in people that are interested in me. I haven’t had to think about what to say for a week now. Whatever is on my mind comes out, and some girls have been going for it.

I went to a grocery store near my house a few days back, saw a really hot milf in the cereal isle. Opened with something like “you’re way too cute to eat cereal, let’s go get some steak”, and I put my hand out. It didn’t make any fucking sense. She smiled, grabbed my hand and walked to the meat section with me. I took her number after talking for 5 minutes and just flat out told her, “you’re really sexy, I’d love to go home with you right now.” She went for it man. She drove me to her place and we fucked twice. Afterwards she made me lunch and I left. No dates, no dinner and a movie, just sex.

I messaged another girl on facebook that I’ve had a crush on for YEARS and this was our conversation:
me: hey you there? i’ve got a question for you
her: yeah sup
me: you don’t have any nosey friends staring at your screen do you :)?
her: nah home alone
me: cool, how many guys are you dating?
her: none…why do you ask?
me: well, you’re really cute, and you’ve always been really friendly. I’d like to hook up on a regular basis if you’re interested. We can exchange orgasms, share each other’s company, etc etc.
her: Hmmm…
me: I don’t judge others for choosing to enjoy their lives
her: we can do that
me: awesome, do you still have the same number?
her: mmmhm 219384****
me: what are you doing right now?
her: nothing
me: I’m gonna come over, what’s your address?

And that was it. She gave me her address, I went to her house and made her cum. Then she kindly made me cum twice. I talk to this girl maybe once every 6 months, and somehow, I just knew she would be down. There was no comfort building, no connection, just kinky sex. I need to get a phone with a flash/better camera because NO ONE is going to believe that this type of shit happens outside of movies.

So yeah, I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but I like it. Your bootcamp killed my fear and gave me a foundation, Mode One made me realize that I was a man and Johnny Soporno’s stuff helps me to apply reasoning and logic to all my decisions. (Plus the whole seductive reasoning theory makes women insanely comfortable with you. I feel like I’m doing them a favor by freeing their minds, even if I’m ultimately rejected) I registered with the county to become a life coach, and I helped my Dad get two youth mentoring contracts. I’m going to be his business partner, and we’re going to tutor and mentor inner city kids starting this March.

I’m not going to thank you and Detail again because I’ve done that shit too many times. I know that I paid you a bunch of money, but I still feel like I owe you man. I can’t put a price on just how satisfied I’ve become with both my life and myself. Let me know if there’s ever anything I can do for you… No homo.

I hope that everything is going well.


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