Einstein Didn’t Know Sh**t!

Sup G!


Einstein Said “Imagination is More Important Than Knowledge”


That’s some wisdom right there.


And I agree with him.


However, Sasha Daygame said “Imagination AND knowledge ain’t SHIT without a powerful internal belief that allows you to take ACTION”


I’m no Einstein, but I’ve picked up a thing or two.


Here’s what’s gotten me thinking:


I just went to a live “Bums on Seats” event in London, run by a fellow called Nick James.


It was pretty good – I learned some strategies that could bring more people to my live events.


But watching the Bums on Seats seminar, I realized that I already knew most of the stuff I was being “taught.”


For me, it was a great reminder that “knowing” is not “doing.”


I hate to admit it, but there’s so much stuff I KNOW about that could improve my life, but I’m not DOING IT! (Hey, I know some eye exercises you can do that will improve your eye-sight over time till you have 20/20 vision… but it takes YEARS to work and a daily practice…… have I even started? NOPE!)


In the old days, this not doing led to a lot of frustration when it came to my dating life:


I remember once I had this date with an absolutely stunning young black woman.  She was gorgeous!! On our first date, I got her back to my house and we were kissing…. And I knew I was one move away from sex – I couldn’t even believe it! I also knew that I had to make a move soon (a real move) or things would stale out.


Well at the time, my beliefs system just couldn’t account for the fact that a women THIS BEAUTIFUL was willing to come home with me on the first night. That it could be THAT EASY to hook up with this beautiful woman.


My reality just wouldn’t have it.


Sure enough – I did nothing – and soon enough she made an excuse and went on her way.


I never did see her again.


You see – what you believe (really believe, on the deepest level) will always trump what you “know.”


Knowledge is always the first step.


Action is the second step.


And what allows knowledge and action to come together?




Deep down, way into your core, in your soul – what you believe about yourself will dictate your reality.


It’s always has been that way, and always will.


If I could go back in a time machine to my younger self, I’d have said “Dude. This woman is AT YOUR HOUSE. She’s making out with you. SHE WANTS TO GET LAID! You’re a great guy. You deserve it. She deserves it – don’t take this experience away from her!”


But alas… no time machine for me.


But I’ve had enough of those experiences where…. At this point… I believe I got everything that’s coming to me.


Sex just isn’t a big deal anymore, because I’ve gotten the knowledge, and taken the action to acquire the rock solid BELIEFS I now hold about myself.




Ok here’s a little tip for ya:


If you feel you have the knowledge:

If you’re not taking the action to get you the result you want:

Then ask yourself what beliefs you’ve got that are holding you back?


That’s your problem right there….. and THOSE BELIEFS should be the focus of your actions. Take ACTIONS that will change your BELIEFS. Then you’ll be able to use all that KNOWLEDGE in your mind to manifest what you want!




If you’re still working on your beliefs…..and you’d like to get the KNOWLEDGE (as well as actionable homework) to develop your own inner, powerful belief system….


Why not go ahead and get a copy of the Direct Dating Bible? It has almost 9 years of my seduction know-how, as well as specific exercises designed to get you to takeaction and get the experience you need to change your reality – step by step! With a full 60 day money back guarantee, there’s absolutely no risk!



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